Thursday, November 13, 2008

Should have used the duct tape yesterday because after I got home from class my mouth lost control :(. And .. I didn't get in the extra minutes I needed so I ended up 30 min short for my weekly goal of 350 minutes.

So ...... today I had a wonderful OP day and felt really good. I think I was being too restrictive yesterday and it left me feeling unsatisfied. Tonight I had a wonderful dinner with Herb & Lime Sole Fillet, Brown Rice & Chinese Cabbage Salad with red peppers. Mmmm, mmmm, good! On top of that I made a HUGE batch of cookies (I have a certain extended relative who is nagging me to come through on a promise to send him cookies so I need to stockpile - haha) and my son made a batch of cookies and I only had ONE! YEAH - that's one of my goals to limit treats to once a day.

Also, I decided that my first 30 min of exercise from this week gets added on to last weeks minutes and I still have to do 350 for this week - so total 380 this week. I've got 30 down and plan to get lots in this weekend.

I've set up my activity challenge for this week which is creating the following strength routine:

♥ 3 sets x 12 squats with bicep curls, pulse between sets
♥ Push-ups - first set to fatigue, stretch then 2 sets x 10
♥ Wall Sit - 1 set to fatigue
♥ 3 sets x 12 front & lateral raises combined
♥ 2 sets x 15 Calf Raises - rotating foot position between sets
♥ Plank - first one to fatigue, stretch then do 1 more minute
♥ 5 min abs of various crunches

Though I know myself and once I get started on this I'll probably add some more - like tricep moves, inner/outer thigh, etc. But this is my bare minimum and I will do it at least 3 times this week.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

that sounds like a great plan!

i love how tough you are on getting it done with yourself!!

btw..i'm almost out of duct tape..send some over?


Ingrid said...

hahaha! Your "extended relative" called today with yet another complaint that he had not yet received his cookies!!! lololol

Heidi said...

HAHA Ingrid - yes I've set some aside in the freezer. Want to make some more first though. What a turd!

Lisa - We've got quite the stock of duct tape - anytime you need some give me a holler!!!! :)

Ingrid said...

Mo talked to him again yesterday, and of course he asked about the damn cookies AGAIN. He won't give up!

Heidi said...

Yeah I got an e-mail. Have one more batch to make then I'll send some - heehee.

Ahhh ... they come from far and wide to get my home baking :)