Tuesday, November 4, 2008

End of the OP challenge and I'm happy to report that I ended with a loss! WOOHOO - not an amazing loss, but a loss nonetheless. It was starting to look like I might end the challenge weighing more than when I'd started so for this I am happy. Over the 9 weeks I lost a grand total of 0.6 pounds :). But hey, better down than up - right?! I refuse to see any negative in this.

Actually I feel pretty good these days. Last week was tough. I think Sat morning I was actually up to 161 and this morning I was 158.8 so that was really good. Been catching up on my sleep a bit too which probably helps.

Got a call from the local TOPS leader last night. I wanted to start this week but they're having a weigh in only meeting due to another group needing the room they use tonight. So I'll start with them next week. At least check it out and see how it makes me feel. Will have to run it by some friends to see if anyone is interested in joining in (don't want to get in heck again for not letting everyone know - haha). Anyhow, the leader sounded quite nice on the phone and gave me pretty much all the info I wanted without me having to ask so I take that as a good sign. She said alot of their members follow weight watchers because it really is a great plan. That was nice to hear as I think I'd like to stick with that because I know it does work.

I've been reading an old book by Kathy Smith - Getting Better All the Time. I've had it on the bookshelf for years but only ever read bits and pieces. But I picked it up the other day and took it in the bath and actually started at the beginning and really read it. She's got some really good stuff in there!

I'd say the most striking for me, at this moment in my life, was a part she has that addresses the different options for the make-up of your diet. Higher protein, higher carb, higher fat, lower fat, lower carb .... She shows 3 different pie charts showing different approaches you can take, and has meanu ideas for each. I've loosely been following the idea of the slightly higher protein one because with the things she had listed there it sounded like this might be a bit more ideal for me. And I've been thinking for a while that I need to incorporate a bit more protein in my life - especially with all the activity and weight training that I do. Will have to see how this goes over time, but I think it's a positive change to try.

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