Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Big News!!!

Did everybody stay up all night waiting for me to post my big news today??? NO!  Hmmm, OK, I get it.  My life isn't all that exciting.  But I think you guys will agree that this is pretty darn exciting news ....


It took me 4 days to fully believe it.  You see, I am absolutely sure that my scale lies to me.  Whoever made it in the factory had some twisted sense of humour because that thing can give me some awfully, (not so) funny readings every once in a while.  But 4 days of being consistently down AND confirming it on alternate scales and I finally believe it.

I have broke my 4 month plateau!

It went something like this ....

Jun - 145.8 (all time low)
July - 147.0
Aug- 147.0
Sep - 147.2
Oct - 147.0 (well from Oct 1 - 30th anyway)

then, on the last day of October we begin this trend......

Oct 31 -145.6   what??? really???  No, scale is just feeling peppy
Nov 1 - 143.2   No way!  Need to throw it out.  It's gone insane.
Nov 2 - 144.6   OK, that's the trend we're used to, going up again ... but could it be that I AM actually down???
Nov 3 - 143.6   Hmmm, maybe this is real, better confirm this on other scales.  Yup - it's TRUE!

It's kind of funny because on the morning of Nov 1st, we were laying in bed and my husband had his hand resting on my stomach and he said something about "I think your stomach feels smaller today".  And he didn't even know that the day before the scale had finally moved.  Thats' how much I didn't believe it, I was afraid to share incase it was a false reading.

So the question would probably be ... Did I do anything different? 

Umm, my first thought would be that I don't really think so, not hugely different anyway.  But, since I am using the lovely Sparkpeople website I can go back and analyze things a bit.  I'm such a nerd!  Here's what I found:


Not a huge change there.  I had planned to increase my calories in the last week of October, but one day I really wasn't hungry and ate very little so my weekly average stayed about the same as it did all month, which was just over 1400 per day or 9,900 per week.


In the last week of October I went from having a average weekly burn of around 2000 calories, to almost 3200 in the final week.  This would be mostly due to that 18K run I did last weekend. 


Not much change here.  I average about 40g per day and I try to make it the healthy types.


I did lower this a bit in the last week.  Not really intentionally, but because I was trying to increase my protein and stay somewhat in the same calorie range, this is the nutrient that ended up balancing it out.  I also found that in eating more protein, I didn't really want as many carbs.  Earlier in the month I was average 210-215g of Carbs a day and the last week this went down to about 170g. 


As I mentioned above, I made a good effort to increase the amount of protein I eat.  Earlier in the month I was having approx. 65g per day and in the last week I increased this to 100g.  Sometimes it's a little harder to organize the higher protein foods, but with some planning it's getting easier.  Cottage cheese and egg whites have become my good friends.

So not a huge amount of changes.  It really doesn't feel like any kind of change.  But maybe that was the jolt that my body needed.  Or maybe it just decided it was time and it was OK to let a little go.  Either way, I'm HAPPY!



Tiffany said...

Heidi, that's FANTASTIC! I am so happy that the scale finally started cooperating for you.

I really think that the change in the protein/carb balance helped.

And it just goes to show, persistence pays off.

Syl said...

so happy for you my friend, I wasn't waiting up all night, only because I read your first post this morning :-) other wise I would have been on pins and needles.

A new pair of jeans, a new reading on the scale and a new smile, you my friend are AMAZING!

Tamara said...

This post just made my day better. I am so happy for you! All that dedication is paying off. No one deserves this more than you do Heidi. WTG!!!

Lynsey said...

How exciting for you. What a nice feeling huh!

Bare It All said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Heidi's body! I think it finally realized that you weren't gonna give up and it could let those measly pounds go. :)

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Love the fact that your husband could feel a smaller tummy!

Marcelle said...

4 months is a lonnnnnnnnng plateau shew...good on you that you didn't give up...I'm in a plateau myself at the moment but keeping strong and hoping at some point I'll move on.

Missy said...

YAHOO! That's awesome!!!! I'm so excited for you - yeah!!!

Lorna said...

That wasn't a plateau - that was practice for maintenance!!

Great news - you've been battling that stubborn set-point number for a long time. You'll be down to your goal before you know it.