Monday, November 16, 2009

Running Schedule - Week 2

Last week I posted the first week of my self-made running schedule. However, life got in the way and I didn't quite accomplish what I'd planned. I'm a bit overwhelmed lately with all the paperwork I'm doing and it's wearing me out. Plus, my eating has been pretty horrendous for the last week. I definitely see a direct correlation between the two.

This is how it went:

Monday - 35 min @ about 6.0mph - DONE!
Tuesday - 30 min elliptical & weights - Missed :(
Wednesday - 4 x 400M lap sets (aiming at under 2:00 per fast lap) & core - DONE! at 1:38 per lap
Thursday - 9.5 Km @ about 6.0mph - Missed :(
Friday - 30 min @ 7.5mph * & weights - Missed :(
Saturday - Rest - DONE (like that was so hard - haha)
Sunday - 12 Km @ about 6.5mph - DONE (plus)! Actually did 16.5 Km

Total 22 Km (13.8 miles) for the week, however most of that in one day.

This week I have planned:

Monday - 35 min @ about 6.0mph
Tuesday - 30 min elliptical & weights
Wednesday - 6 x 400M lap sets & core
Thursday - 9.5 Km @ about 6.0mph
Friday - 30 min @ 7.5mph & weights
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 8 Km Cross Country Race @ about 6.5mph (would love to do 7.0)


Today I am also hitting my reset button! (thanks Syl)

This past week has been one of the worst eating weeks I've had in a LONG time.  I really just stopped paying any attention at all and found myself eating even when I was full.  More than a few nights I went to bed feeling that gross stuffed feeling - ugh!

I haven't tracked anything!

No more ... I have to put my foot down!  I've worked way too darn hard to just let it all unravel because of a little stress.  Today, I am tracking it all.  I know this works, so it is what I must do.


This weekend my husband and I are entering a 7.7 Km Cross Country race.  It's a 4 loop race of a small track.  I think there will be one moderate hill per loop.  The weather is supposed to be horrendous, but that's normal for this time of year.

My plan is to do a nice long warm-up because I find in cold weather my legs just freeze up and take a while to get loose.  I really want to have a good time for this race.  I definitely want to do it in 44 minutes or less (6.5 mph).  I will be happy with that.  I will be ecstatic if I can do it under 42 minutes - 6.8mph (which is what my husband is guessing). 

Last year I did an 8K (just slightly longer) on a different course, but at the same location, in 49 minutes.  However, it seems most people who have previously run both those races run this one at a faster pace.  So I'm really hoping for some big improvement this year.


Syl said...

No problem my friend, we should maybe put a patent on that button, we would make millions :0)

Sounds like a great running schedule, I know I will be running starting tonight! It always makes me want to eat better, you are right there is a link between the two.

Jenn ~ said...

Good luck with your race this weekend! It looks like if you follow your schedule, you should be good and ready. And also, way to go on using your reset button!! :)

Tamara said...

Saturday: Rest - DONE! LOL. I♥U. You make me laugh.

Well, looks like we were in the same leaky boat this week Heidi. Sorry you had a rough week! You'll bounce back. I have total faith in you.

Marcelle said...

I find when one plans for a whole week its not possible to stick to the program...I'm not going to plan for the Festive season either. I will plan each day the night before. I've found it difficult to plan my weekends let alone all week.
The night before I run through my head what I want to achieve the following day with what my day looks like and then go from there when I wake up.

I'm pleased I got to read this entry of yours as it once again reminds me how quickly one and fall and at the moment that's my greatest fear that I look back in a few months time and find I'm giving myself lectures like you are at this time...It can happen so easily.
Thanks for sharing....

Missy said...

Looks like a great plan for the week and I definitely love the idea of hitting the reset button and refocusing!

Good luck on the cross country race. Can't wait to hear how it went!