Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Day

Today is definitely a new day!  I'm feeling so much better.  Yesterday I thought I was going to collapse from tiredness and just exhaustion.

After dinner I literally FORCED myself downstairs to exercise.  I was so tired and really didn't want to, still felt stuffed from a light dinner.  But I knew that if I just laid down for the night I'd continue to feel like crap.  I knew that exercise was going to be the answer ... and I was right!  Also, I gave myself an extra hour sleep this morning and that has helped too.

I didn't run Monday (per my training schedule) so last night I ran on the treadmill.  I was going to just do an easy 30 minutes. But I've got this bug in my head about the race this weekend.  I just HAD to see how fast I could do it in.

I ran 7.7 km (4.85miles) in 41:47 - that's average 6.8 mph.  Though, I couldn't really call it a true success because I stopped twice to stretch (my shins/calves felt tight) and I stopped one other time to pee (hey, some things CAN'T wait).

I'm not sure how that will translate out onto the trails with hills and all, but it gives me a good feeling and makes me feel positive going in.  My aim is to finish in under 44 minutes.

Tonight I'm doing intervals at the track.  We're supposed to have ANOTHER nasty rainstorm blowing in today.  My bet is it will hit just as I get there.

I just wanted to say thanks everyone for your kind comments yesterday.

I just loved this comment from Tiffany...

Someone once told me that all the worry in the world will not change the outcome. And while it sucks to feel helpless, it's the truth. Keep the faith. That's one thing that no one can take away.

So true!


Syl said...

and if all else fails we still have running!
WTG heidi, glad you are feeling a little better.

Lynsey said...

Glad you're keeping your head up. I can't wait to run fast like you!

skinny me! said...

Awesome quote! Love it!

I left that recipe from yesterday on my blog btw :)

Tamara said...

Glad you're feeling more like yourself today Heidi.

I'm starting to suspect that running has a very transformative power. I should never forget that.

Marcelle said...

That was such a good time...I do 6kl in about 40 mins and I dont stop....well done.

Tricia said...

Wow, great run!

Fran said...

Great time Heidi, I only hope I will run that fast one day!