Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running Schedule

I am one of those people that does not function well without having some sort of schedule.  When I have nothing scheduled ... I do nothing.  This is present in just about every area of my life (and is presently biting my behind in my bookkeeping - yikes).  I'm the type that needs list and I need to tick off the little boxes to know where I'm at.

I feel like lately I've been losing focus with my fitness.  I'm doing it, but I'm kind of going in circles with no real intention.  So ... yesterday I took some time and mapped out a running schedule for now until the middle of March. 

I really have no knowledge about what makes a good training program.  I'm just flying from the seat of my pants.  But it feels right.  If, at some point it doesn't feel right, I'll adjust.

My basic plan is:

Monday - short easy recovery run
Tuesday - rest or cross train
Wednesday - Speed Intervals - 400M fast lap, 400M slow lap sets
Thursday - Basic run - comfortable pace, average distance
Friday - Tempo Run
Saturday - Rest
Sundays - long run (8km - 22km)

My average weekly distance will be between 29 Km (18 miles) and 55 Km (34 miles).

This week I have planned:

Monday - 35 min @ about 6.0mph
Tuesday - 30 min elliptical & weights
Wednesday - 4 x 400M lap sets (aiming at under 2:00 per fast lap) & core
Thursday - 9.5 Km @ about 6.0mph
Friday - 30 min @ 7.5mph * & weights
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 12 Km @ about 6.5mph

* I'm not sure I can hold 7.5mph for 30 min straight.  This is the pace I'd LOVE to be at for a full 10K by next spring.  This week will be a trial.  For this week I will run as long as I can at that pace, then slow it down a bit as needed.  I know I can hold 7.0mph for that distance, so I might find that 7.25 is a bit more reasonable for now.

6.0 - 6.5mph is a very comfortable pace for me for the easier runs.  Any less and I get cramping in my legs.

I also mapped out some potential races for the next few months.  Not sure if I'll afford all of them or actually be able to do them all (due to weather or whatever else gets in my way), but in a perfect world.....

November - 8 Km trail race
December - 5 Km Santa  Shuffle **
January - 15 Km road race & 10Km trail race
February - 10 Km & 8 Km trail races
Either February or March ..... HALF MARATHON!
April - 10K road race

The trail races are on trails that I run all the time.  Some of them are the first races I did (though I chose the 5K option back then).  Though they are officially "races" I don't see them being much different than my typically Sunday runs.

I have to admit I'm a little on the fence about the ** Santa Shuffle.  First, it's on a Saturday.  My son plays soccer on Saturdays and I never miss a game.  Plus, that particular Saturday is the most anticipated game of the season for them.  But, their game is scheduled for the afternoon on that date, so I should be able to make it.  I'm also a little hesitant about going in something labelled a "Fun Run".  My hairdresser did a fun run recently and she said it was near impossible to actually run.  She said it was alot of fun, but not a run really.  But, then again ... maybe that's just what I need in my life.

I really, really, REALLY want to make a big improvement on my speed for this coming season.  And I also want to complete at least one half marathon (where speed won't be so much a factor).  Here's hoping that this schedule helps me to achieve both of those goals.


Missy said...

Looks like a great plan!! Can't wait to hear how fast/far you're running at the end of March.

Lynsey said...

Sounds like a great plan. I've been looking into Tempo Running and I just don't get it. I thought a Tempo Run was supopsed ot be a Comfortable Run. What's the difference? Sorry so dumb.

Syl said...

I feel so slow compared to you my friend! i'm working on it though!

The shuffle is a fun run, if your in it to not be competative then it's a great day out. Our city is expected to have a lot of kids but either way, it's getting out and having fun.

Sounds like you have a great plan Heidi, and I know you will get to all your goals.

Gina said...

I love all the races you've selected, that is a great way to keep you going! I am excited to hear results from the upcoming Friday run!

celmore said...

I am the same way. I have to have a training plan. If I am winging it, I am sleeping in.

The plan looks good to me. Hopefully you will be recovered from the intervals for your Thursday run.

Susan said...

Your plan sounds really well thought out ! I am sure it will take you exactly where your wanting to be !

Bare It All said...

Nice planning! I love that your comfortable pace is my speedy pace. :)

Lynsey said...

Thanks for all the great info!

Marcelle said...

I'm new at running myself and as I cant speak German I cant ask any of the runners my questions.

How do you know your speed when you run on the road?
When on the treadmill is your speed the pace you set your machine on...for example I run at 9 - 10 speed...is that what you talking about..or do I have it all wrong.

Next year I also want to work out a new program for myself...I sort have one but also feel I go and do as I feel like on that day.

Fran said...

Heidi we're kind of the same person: I won't survive with my to do lists: at work, at home, at exercising etc etc :lol:

I have a workout schedule planned 4 weeks ahead if I don't do that, like you I just don't go.

And as for the speed: that's my main goal this winter: try to get faster at running.

My plan for next year is: 12 months, 12 runs. I intend to sign up for 12 runs next year but am still figuring out which ones it will be.

Tamara said...

I did a Santa Shuffle once and I was able to run it. The fun part was there were lots of kids and we wore bells on our shoes and red Santa hats. But no worries, it was still a run.

I like how organized you are. I think you're on to something there. Take out the "maybes" and just stick to the program.

And thanks for your comment on my blog. I think I may also be one of those people who can't ever just eat intuitively 100%. I'd love to be though! :( Oh well. It's better to be self aware even if the news isn't great. LOL.

Amy said...

That is a KICKASS plan!

Tricia said...

Great plan! I'm looking forward to signing up for a 10k in January. I think a race will help me stay focused. I think I need to follow your example and put a plan down on paper for myself too. Thanks!