Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

Last year I posted a list of goals I wanted to achieve for 2009.  And I did pretty good.  There was really only one I didn't accomplish and if I were honest, I didn't actually think I would when I posted it.  Here's how I did:
  • 20 consecutive big girl push-ups - Could do this, so goal accomplished, but currently need to work back up to it again.  Use it or lose it!
  • run 10km under 1 hour - Did it!  My best "recorded" time was 58:56 in April.  By year end I believe my 10Km time was proably somewhere around 55-56 minutes (maybe less), but I didn't officially time it ever.  My best 5K time was 24:53.
  • run the entire Ft to Ft non stop (about 14 km) - Did this and blew it out of the water with the longest run I did being about 22 Km (aka 13.6 miles)
  • climb the Grouse Grind in 50 minutes or less - Technically I didn't actually beat this goal.  I gave this one 2 attempts (it's not something I can do frequently) and after my first try I decided that my goal was extremely lofty.  My first attempt I did it in 58:42, but my second attempt was 50 minutes and 40 seconds so close darn enough to call it goal met!  I'm ecstatic with this achievement!
  • eat fish at least once a week - Yeah OK, this is the one that I didn't even come close too.  I can't even say that I increase my consumption much at all, maybe a teensy bit.  I guess it's a baby step.
  • REACH MY GOAL WEIGHT! - Technically I did get under 145 lbs, though fleeting.  So yes, goal met, but now I need to get under there and STAY under there!

I'm very, VERY happy with what I achieved in 2009.  Even taking my Christmas season gain into account I lost about 7 lbs over the year.  The previous year I lost 9 lbs and before that about 13 lbs.  It all adds up.  NEVER GIVE UP!

So .... without further adieu, I bring you my ........

2010 GOALS

  • Run my next 10Km race (January 24th) in under 54-55 minutes.  Last year I did the 5K version of this race (1 lap instead of 2) and it took me 32:46, so I'm expecting a big improvement.
  • Run a 10Km race under 52 minutes, adjust to less if necessary
  • Run at least one Half Marathon (I'd love to do this around 2 hrs)
  • Buy a new bikini (my sister & Mom will laugh over this one) and not worry about belly spillage
  • Do strength training at least 100 days this year.  That equals about 2 days per week. I look, and feel, so much better when my body is strong!
  • Increase fish & salad consumption.  Not setting any numbers here, but I'm starting from very low so and increase will be a positive one.
  • Catch up and keep up on my bookkeeping so I don't get overstressed about it!
That's about it for now.  I'm not setting a weight goal.  I already know where I want to be and I know that by keeping focused on the goals I've set out for myself, the weight & measurements will follow.


Today I picked up the January issue of Oxygen Magazine.  The last few years I stopped buying magazines to save money.  It had become a $50/month habit.  But I figured if I pick just one a month and actually use it then it's a good investment.

Susan at All Things in Moderation often mentions using the workouts from this magazine and I thought that sounded like a good idea.

Tonight I did the Upper Body session of their Best Body Ever plan.  When I first looked at it, it didn't seem like much of a workout.  But it's thorough!  I'm sure I'm going to feel it in the morning.

Tomorrow I will tell you what I did on New Years Day!!!!



Syl said...

Great goals Heidi I'm confident you will meet everyone of them!

Marcelle said...

Am so impressed at your running times...I could never run with you...FAR too am totally blown away.

I hope you achieve your 2010 goals this year...mine are to maintain my weight lost, train 6 times a week and work on my health with positive thoughts so that MS is not going to be attached to my name.

Susan (All Things In Moderation) said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again ! You are AMAZING! Your list of accomplishments for the year Blows me away! Congrats! You had quite a year. I look forward to follow you while you tear up your 2010 goals!

Fran said...

You really did great on your goals for 2009 so I'm sure you will do great on the 2010 goals.

I'm working on my strenght too. I read everywhere that running, strength training and Pilates are a great combination so I'm focussing on all three this year.

Tamara said...

You're a huge success Heidi. Amazing. I have no doubt you will meet your 2010 goals as well. You have one thing I really lack: consistency. I've really got to work on that.