Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Giving Up!

I'm feeling like a bit of a failure. :(  I've been trying to follow this Clean Eating Diet for almost 2 weeks now and have come to the conclusion that it's not for me.  Two weeks isn't long and maybe I'm a failure for giving up already, but it just doesn't feel right.  I still very much agree with the principles of this plan (eating frequently, eating fresh, unprocessed foods, eating protein with meals, but I think I have to scrap it.

I'm feeling way too constricted with what I'm supposed to eat and what I'm not supposed to eat.  I was getting to the point where I was getting ZERO enjoyment out of eating and there was a day when I wanted to throw out all my food because the thought of eating it was making me gag.  Plus, I found myself constantly thinking of foods not on my plan, unhealthy foods - which is strange because normally I eat pretty well.  I ended up reaching often for things that normally I'd rarely have.  And when I did eat outside of my plan I had this feeling of guilt.  Personally I don't think you should feel guilty for eating something, even if it is horribly unhealthy. 

As I mentioned before, in the first few days I had horrible bloat, which mostly went away - but not completely.  I had a couple days of high energy, but I noticed that I also had periods of extreme tiredness.  Sometimes this would come on suddenly and hit me like a freight train - other times I could barely pull myself out of bed.  Though generally my energy would pick up later in the day.

I think the real kicker is that 2 weeks in my weight is still up a little and I'm still feeling bloated.  I think the time has come to kick this one out the door.

So I'm going back to what has worked in the past - counting calories with a focus on eating healthy, clean foods.  I had gotten bored with recording every bite, but it does work.

Wouldn't this be wicked? 

Also, I have my next race (10K) coming up this weekend.  As soon as that is over I'm going to dedicate more time to weight training.  I'm going to have lots of races throughout the year and while I want to do well at them, if I really want to change the look of my body I know that weights is where it's at.  I'm just often worried that I'll be sore from a weights workout before a long run (you'd be amazed how hard it is to run with sore biceps).  But what I really need is to work those muscles more often so I don't get as sore.  Make it part of my routine again.

Last night I did 40 minutes of weights (full body workout) and then 2 fairly fast miles on the treadmill.  Tonight I'm going to dedicate to some speed intervals on the track.  The workouts are always the easy part for me.

I leave you with a very important lesson ....


Becca said...

I wouldn't say you're a failure. The key is finding an eating plan that works for you and if you cannot stick to it then you need to move on! I'm with you...I ended up just going back to the basics of watching what I eat! There's really no easier way!

Susan (All Things In Moderaton) said...

I had the very same experience with the Clean Eating Diet. I didn't want to discourage you when you were on it, but I found it to be too constricting too! If you've ever looked at what figure competitors eat when getting ready for a competition , you'll see they eat the same exact diet. And when the season is over they don't eat like that anymore. I felt if I can't at least enjoy my food , what's the use. If your a failure then I am too! Atleast we are in good company! :)

Syl said...

I don't ever want to hear you considering your self a failure, because Heidi to me you are the complete opposite. I want you to know how much courage it takes to say "I tried it and it's not for me".

You have done an amazing job for so long this is just one little hurdle and you are proving that you are listening to your body and doing what is right for YOU!!!

Heidi you are amazing just want you to know that!

Marcelle said...

At least you gave it a try and saw it was not for you...The idea is good, and like you I will keep to eating fresh fruit and veg and not processed foods etc...
I think thats good enough...I could never to the proper Eating Clean plan as my hubby would go nuts and I would end up cooking two different meals a night.
I too like a little chocolate now and again or 25g of chips...and on that plan I cant.

Love that last pic, its so true..

Tamara said...

The last thing you could be is a failure. You tried it, it wasn't for you. Case closed.

You've got a great understanding of what needs to be done. I thought those menus sounded like prison food to be honest. You need to enjoy your food! So many really healthy things are totally delicious and lo-cal so you get to enjoy your food AND feel virtuous (my favourite combination!)

Missy said...

I think 2 weeks is definitely giving it a fair shot. Some eating plans just aren't for you - that's ok! Something obviously worked for you b/c you look great. Just focus on being healthy and taking care of your body. And enjoy the food you do eat!!

Alicia said...

I'm totally for keeping things in balance. And that means something different to everyone. Like today I had a waffle w. peanut butter and 1/2 a banana for breakfast, a spinach, chicken breast and balsamic vinegar salad for lunch and about 200 cal. worth of dark chocolate. I'm still doing well calorie-wise and I don't feel like I'm denying myself. It works for me. I don't necessarily eat that much chocolate everyday but I do work in a little "treat" every day. That's balance to me. And I'm happy and still losing weight.

So, I guess my advice is "everything in moderation" makes for a happy mommy. :)