Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vegas baby???

Thanks everyone!  I'm very excited about my new toy.  Now when I get to use it next ... that's the big question.

I'm making leeway on my bookkeeping, should be done tonight.  But ... I seem to be having more issues with my foot (and a hip).  So, I made an appt for tomorrow to get it looked at and we'll see what Dr Johnny has to say!  The foot has hurt on/off for quite a while now (more off than on) so I'm thinking that's a corrective issue.  But since some time in December I get an achy right hip after a run, sometimes during if it's very cold.  When I lay on that side it quite hurts.  I'm hoping it's in relation to the foot thing and not a completely different injury.  Bah-humbug!!!

I've been resting for a couple days now and the foot is sorer today.  That makes no sense to me, but I'm not exactly an expert.  I put a heat compress on it, which seems to make it feel better.

So last night my husband came home and said he's decided we should head south for spring break.  WHAT?  For quite a few years we went to Arizona in the spring, but the last couple years we couldn't pull it off and a few weeks ago we decided that we weren't going to go this year either.  But he's decided that he really wants to go.  I'm not getting my hopes up yet and I still don't really think we should go .. but we'll see.

The thing it really puts a wrench in is I was planning my first half marathon during the time that we would go.  I really don't want to postpone it until later.  I'm afraid another year will pass me by and I won't do it.  So ... hubby says "why don't you just pick one in Las Vegas and we'll stop there on the way down?".  

At first I thought, yeah right!  But then I let it sink in and started thinking "How COOL!".  So I did a little preliminary search and found the Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Then my little pea brain went into action and I thought, hey, isn't there a fellow blogger doing this race.  And yes, yes there is .... Alicia @ Alicia Runs.

So how cool would that be?  Not only would I run my first half in a different country - in Nevada nonetheless, but I could also have a blogger meet-up!

Like I said, I'm not getting my hopes up too high yet, we'll see how it plays out.  If it does then I've got 37 days!  37 days to not only be half marathon ready (that doesn't concern me too much, I could do it now), but also 37 days to be bikini ready to park my butt in the warm Arizona sun!!!!  Yikes!  I'll need to get bikini shopping as well.....

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!



Syl said...

don't you love how they just come home and drop something like that!
last year peter told me a week before he booked the fantasy land hotel that we were going away and said all you need to do is find childcare for the boys - I could of killed him :-)

The vegas run would be so fun, the only thing I think could be challenging would be the heat! either way you would get the job done!

Alicia said...

I'm so excited! You will never regret doing a Calico Racing event. The race director is fantastic and this race is guaranteed to be beautiful! Yay for meeting bloggy friends!

Hope your foot is okay. Let us know what the doc says.

Nikki said...

If you're HM ready then you're bikini ready too! I LOVE LV and Red Rock Canyon - we got married there in fact!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

what an awesome opportunity to meet a fellow blogger! And congrats on the new toy! I'm going on year #3 with mine, and I just love it to pieces!

Tricia said...

It would be so cool to meet up with a fellow blogger!

ajh said...

I LOVE racing in new places. It will be a blast if it works out!

Tamara said...

Wouldn't that be a race you would never forget?! I think it's an awesome idea. I have friend who's run two 1/2s in Las Vegas and loved it. This is exciting!

Michelle said...

Awesomeness! Hope it works out! Good luck with the doc!

Missy said...

Oh that would be so fun!!!