Friday, January 22, 2010

Who's The Sexy Chick

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments.  I too hope this injury heals quickly.  It's better today and I'm going to stay off the running the next couple days at least.  I think it must be from over pronation as the bit that I have is more pronounced on the left foot.  Most of the time it's fine, but I find it gets more aggravated with extra miles, harder surface, or faster pace.  Hopefully it will be a simple fix.

So last night instead of a run I hit the gym and did a wicked weights/strength workout.  60 minutes of upper body and abs.  It always amazes me when I get all sweaty just from weights because it doesn't equate in my brain to the same as cardio.

You know how I felt last night doing weights????  You know this song:

I LOVE this song.  I can't help but dance when it comes on (drives my teens nuts!). 

Well, last night it came on while I was doing weights and the dialogue went like this:

Note:  These are MY lyrics, not THE lyrics
this is Heidi's world, I can do whatever I want :)

"Dayum, who's the sexy chick?"
"ME, I'm the SEXY CHICK!"
"Dayum, you's a sexy chick?"

"Dayum, who's the sexy chick?"
"ME, I'm the SEXY CHICK!"
"Dayum, you's a sexy chick?"

This is how getting strong and toned makes me feel.  I need to remember this!  I feel strong!  I feel fit!  I feel healthy!  I feel ... invincible!!

I'm also VERY excited today because tomorrow my sister and my niece are coming into town for the day.  The live quite a ways from me so I don't see them often.  My niece is a competitive gymnast and has a meet down here - so YAY!  We're going to start the day off with a few hours of shopping before she competes.  This is her first year doing routines and I can't wait to see them.  I was a gymnast when I was younger, though not nearly as advanced as her.  But ... at 37 I can still do a backhandspring and a back tuck on the fast track (a long somewhat bouncy mat, but not nearly as a bouncy as a trampoline).

I probably won't get on here tomorrow so I hope everyone has a wicked weekend!!!!  I'll be back to report on my race (good or bad). 

Take care all!!


Syl said...

you Heidi are a SEXY CHICK don't ever let anyone tell you other wise :-)

Enjoy your company! and good luck on the race, I can't wait to hear about it!

Tamara said...

Ya, your teenagers would hate that for sure. I'm not ALLOWED to sing in my own car. Teenagers are so obnoxious! LOL. Ahhh but they gotta love us.

This is the best damn argument I have heard yet for strength training. Screw the "build stronger bones, burn more calories" stuff. Yawn. I want to be a sexy chick! Like you.

Marcelle said...

Cant listen to the song now as my hubby is asleep - I dont want to wake him, but will listen another time.
Why do teens always hate it when us mom's dance or sing....mine thankfully are older now and its OK, but when they were younger it was a big NO NO.
Maybe toning is what your body needs right now...and this injury is its way of telling you. I believe my hospital experience was a way my body spoke to me about over doing things...
So you also have a talented niece...enjoy your time with them...

Nikki said...

I think we all need a song that makes us feel good like that while working out! Hope you're feeling better for this weekend's race and have fun with your fam.

Michelle said...

Good luck tomorrow on your race! Have a great time with your family.

Yes, there are snakes in UT. However, you can see them easier and avoid them. Unlike the AT, where they hide in the foilage and then you step on them and scream! Been there, done that! :)

Heather said...

Lifting weights always makes me feel like a total badass too - nice work!