Monday, January 18, 2010

Goal Check

It's been weeks, probably more like 2 months, since I last ran with my running friends.  Some of them had taken some time off around Christmas.  So earlier last week I received an e-mail planning to get together again. 

I was fully expecting to be a bit sore after my long run on Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was just fine.  No aches, no painds, no tiredness.

Plus, as an added bonus, the weather Gods shone upon us!  I tell ya, it POURED during the night.  I laid awake listening to it pelt against my bedroom window.  I almost talked myself out of going on the run since I'd already done my long run for the week.  But then I didn't want the girls to think I'd deserted them.

Somehow shortly before I headed out the door the clouds parted and our entire run was sunny and beautiful.  Must have been meant to be.

We're all at VERY different stages of running.  I ended up running with a lady who is pretty similar to me, but she hasn't been doing much mileage lately.  It ended up being good for me because after my long run I wanted a nice, slow, easy run that wasn't too long.  I figured we'd do about 5-6K, but we were having a nice chat and the weather was beautiful so we ended up doing about 9K.  I love those kind of runs.


I don't think I posted about this yet, but at the beginning of the year I sort of set myself a mileage goal.  I think I didn't post about it because to be honest I don't really know what I should set as a goal.  I've never tracked it before.

This could be adjusted, but at the moment I'm aiming for 750 miles (1200 Km) for the year.  I set monthly goals so I could make sure that I stayed on track throughout the year and didn't have to run 15 miles a day in December to reach my goal - haha.

My goal for January is 55 miles (88.5Km).  As of today I've already done 50.5 miles (81.3Km).

This makes me VERY happy!

I thought I'd have a harder time getting the mileage in this month, but it just keeps adding up.

Another goal I have set for this year (2010 Goals) is to do 100 Days of Strength Training - about 2 days/week.  Ideally I'd love to do 3-4 days/week, but I know this isn't always realistic so I set my goals to be achievable, then adjust if necessary.

So far this month I'm on track, but just! I need to squeeze this in a little more often.


Today my plans got blown to bits.  I should have prepared myself yesterday.  But instead I chose to watch a movie with the family (The Proposal is the cutest movie!) and my plan was to get up a bit early this morning to pack my lunch.

Shortly after getting up my husband informs me that an appraiser is coming by the house in the next couple of hours.  Normally this would be no big deal but I'm currently in the middle of a major disaster.  I've got my bookkeeping files spread all over the office.  And since I had to pull out all my bookkeeping, I also decided to reorganize the office (aka years and years of junk stuffed into cupboards).  Plus, we recently ripped out what is supposed to be the ensuite to our bedroom, but we've been using it as a storage cupboard forever.  So all the contents from that were spread throughout my bedroom and dining room.  And, because I have to organize all that stuff into the basement now, then I had all the Christmas decorations spread out over my gym floor so it too could be organized.

All this to be done in the 1/2 hour I had to get ready for work.  And yes, he got a tongue lashing from me for not giving me more warning.  I ended up getting the major stuff tidied up (don't ask me how??) but I was left with not a moment to prepare food.

Instead I opted for a Subway Chicken Salad, a massive apple from the grocery store, and a handful of hazelnuts (they're not on this stage of the diet but I don't care today!).  I'm supposed to have had 3-4 meals by this time of the day, but luckily that salad is massive and is holding me over just fine.

I hate getting derailed, but I think I made OK choices given the circumstances.  I even had to stop at McD's this morning to get a cup of tea.  I can't tell you how strong the urge was to get a greasy hashbrown to go with it.  I had to talk myself out of it - yes, outloud!


Nikki said...

Hi Heidi - thanks for stopping by! It's so neat to meet someone from my own area - looking forward to stopping by and seeing how things are going. All of your goals for 2010 look awesome.

ajh said...

I was doing great on strength training and have really slacked off. I need to take some inspiration from you. Keep it up!

Syl said...

that's alot of KM my friend, but I am positive you will reach your goals.

oh and you really don't want to meet Peter :-)trust me on this one :-)

Alicia said...

Don't you love it when the weather is just right for a run?! It is almost a religious experience.

By the way, I LOVED The Proposal,too! I could watch it again and again. (I'm a real sucker for romantic comedies.)

Marcelle said...

Amazing that so many of you runners are already able to run outdoors...Its so cold here and not safe at all as the roads are all icy. I'm looking forward to next month when I go to South Africa as its summer there and I can run outdoors again in the sunshine and get some much needed Vit D.

You have a good yearly plan set out and with weight training which we women need as we get

Lovely to be a young mom, I beat you at that one...had 2 babies at 21!

Michelle said...

Great job on your mileage goal this month! I need to take some tips from you and get on strength training myself!

Ashlee Wetherington said...

awesome on your mileage! for me, i struggle with the strength training. it seems so much harder than running. but as long as i keep doing it, it is easier. amazing! lol. loved the proposal, too.

Tamara said...

Thanks for the feedback yesterday. I think with continuous training, I probably will pick up some speed etc. I guess, as with everything, I'm looking for results faster than should reasonably be expected.

I love your goals. They are so definite!

Missy said...

You're doing great with your goals! You are definitely on track to achieve them. Good job talking yourself out of getting the hash browns...that would've been tough ;o)

Marcelle said...

Thanks for the comment, yours makes me feel you have actually taken the time to read my entry...others say..NICE PHOTO'S and thats it and i wonder...* did they read? *

I will mention more about my training, I do it on Dailymile...are u a member forget on my blog.- if not join its awesome.

At the moment I'm only doing cardio...will start adding weights again later...want to get back into cardio slowly as I believer running is what got my weight off and now that I'm not running as much or training as hard my body fat percentage is up - hence the kilo gain.

Syl said...

Heidi, the answer to your question is yes BUT probably not as much as I would like to, that's the scary part! I think once I've been on the p90x for 2 weeks i can pick up more but right now it's taking alot out of me, hope that makes scense :-)

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