Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have an owie and it's making me very, very sad.  Sometimes when I run too much, too fast, too far, or too hard I get a pain in my left foot.  If I don't rest it and push hard it then travels up the inside of my lower leg.  And right now I'm there!

It started to nag me a couple days ago after my long run, but everything else on my body felt so good so I pushed on.  I actually think running too fast/hard on the treadmill the other day is what did it in.  I really do hate running on the treadmill.

Last night I planned to just do a nice easy jog around the track while my son was at soccer.  But my foot had been bugging me all day, so when I got there I just walked with a friend.  I did run a couple of laps lightly, but it hurt, so I stopped.

I have a race this Sunday.  I don't want to rest!  Heck, I don't ever want to rest.  I'm very sad.

I'm going to stay off the running until Sunday and I'm going to do my race regardless.  If it still hurts next week I'll rest more and maybe even get into the Sports Physio place.  I want to put more focus on strength training starting next week anyway.

Whenever I've had my gait assessed I've been told that I'm best in a neutral shoe (which I have) but that I'm borderline on needing some stability.  Especially on my left foot - which is the problem one.  I plan on doing lots of miles this year so I'll have to bite the bullet and get on this.

My arm is also bugging me (too much bookkeeping lately - probably pre carpal tunnel) and my hubby has a few owies too.  Last night we got into bed and passed the muscle rub back and forth a few times.  He said we better hurry up and become Grandparents because we're getting old quick - hahhaa.  Give me a few years please, like at least 5-7 or so.


Anonymous said...

No No you don't want to become Grandparents yet as I don't want to be a GreatGrandma yet. You're right at least not for another 5 years anyway

Syl said...

sounds like your hubby should give you a nice massage heidi, you are a mess :-)

In all seriousness I hope everything gets better soon for you. i know that you will run on Sunday and kick some ass!

Oh and if you think Peter's funny, you shouldn't read the comment he left on my facebook status today, you may view me as a different person, although it's completly not true, that's just the kind of person I live with on a daily basis :-)

Get better soon, hugs!

Nikki said...

Which race are you doing this weekend? Too bad about the foot, I have some lingering problems like that too. Enjoy the couple days of rest before the race!

Tamara said...

Ugh! Sorry you're injured. If it's any consolation, I think you are making the right decision to rest until your race. Feel better soon!

Marcelle said...

Shame man, u sounds as if you been in the wars -
Can imagine how frustrated u must be feeling at the moment, but know that's the only way to heal and your run will be fine as you are VERY fast and a good runner, it will all come naturally to you.

Michelle said...

Oh my - I think I am having the same problem! Is it the outer side of your foot and travelling up your outer leg & knee? I'm headed to the doc next Thursday to find out a remedy.

I hope you feel better soon. I know the disappointment that is there! Take care!

Missy said...

Gotta rest it lady or it won't get better!!! Good idea to focus on weight training next week. Hope you feel better soon!