Friday, January 15, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Yesterday I was deeply touched to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award from Alicia at Alicia Runs. In order to accept this prestigious award I must give you guys 7 random facts about me and then award 7 others.

I just recently came across Alicia's blog and I can tell you that she is very quickly becoming one of my favourite bloggers.  This lady has just finished her first marathon, with her super cool MMA hubby (I'm a pretty big UFC fan).  Her blog is relatively new, but I'm really liking it so far.  Check it out..  Oh, and she has another blog of cakes she's created and they are AMAZING!  One talented lady.

Now, on to my 7 random facts:
  1. I secretly wonder how many pancakes I could eat in one sitting.  Pancakes are a food that never seem to fill me up.  There is a restaurant that has a promotion on right now for all you can eat pancakes and a little part of my brain is tempted.
  2. I was #1 gymnast (at whatever level I was in) at my school district throughout high school.  I wish I'd started younger and been able to advance further.
  3. My first car was a Hyundai Pony with really bad tires.  I did alot of unexpected donuts when I had that car.
  4. I worked past my due date with both my pregnancies.  Left work on the Friday and both kids were born the following Tuesday.
  5. When I took my driving test I was one point away from failing it.  They said they could have failed me just for being that close, but they figured I was pretty nervous.
  6. I was in Pony Club as a kid and loved it.  Years ago I started showing again but discovered it's alot of work and alot of money.  I'm much happier transferring my passion to running and exercising instead.  Plus the fitness/health community is a heck of alot friendlier than the horse community (they're nuts! and snobby)
  7. I'm keeping a secret from alot of people right now (family and some real life friends excluded) because I'm terrified that the plans won't pan out and I'll be super disappointed. 
 The 7 bloggers I'm passing this award along to:
  • Syl @ Live Smile Run - the most beautiful, warm hearted, determined blogger ever!
  • Tamara @ One Last Kick at The Cat - One smart, fun lady ... and an awesome Mom too. 
  • Susan @ All Things in Moderation - I've learned so much from this lady and am so happy I found her blog
  • Marcelle @ South African ... The hottest grandma lady around.  Smokin!  And she takes wicked pictures too.
  • Missy @ The Ups and Downs ... So sweet, I just wanna hug her.
  • Jen @ Prior Fat Girl - It doesn't get any more real than this.  I've been following Jen for quite a while now and her blog is usually one of the first I visit every day.
  • Katie @ One Run At A Time - Just discovered this blog recently.  This lady is awesome.  Looking at her run times I'm insanely jealous and I SOOO want to be her!


Syl said...

Heidi, you don't even know how much I needed this today. Not only that but your comment as well. you don't know how much it means to have someone else that understands. Once I can "stand" again I'll be back to kicking some major ass, I will get to what I need my goal to be and make myself proud.
Thank you Heidi, I can always count on you to cheer me up !

Tamara said...

Hey there! Thank you for such a sweet compliment. You have no idea how much I needed that today. I've been butting heads with Paige so much lately I feel like the worst mom ever some days. So thank you.

LOL at the Hyundai Pony by the way. Mine was a Ford Mustang. I didn't realize it was a rear wheel drive and didn't quite handle the same as front wheel drives til I crashed it. Poor thing. It "lived" for 14 years. I killed in three weeks. :P

Marcelle said...

You deserve that are a beautiful blogger.
Loved learning more about you with your seven things!!

Loved the way you introduced me...hehehe, it still feels weird seeing GRANDMA and my name in the same sentence....its like * oh yes I am one *

Alicia said...

Thanks Heidi! I am feeling the love today! Can't get enough of the warm fuzzies and you are handing them out so freely! Love it!

I didn't know you were a fan of MMA. Cool! My hubby is *always* super impressed with a chic who knows MMA.

Loved your list and learned SO much about you! I failed my driving test TWICE before finally passing it. (And I'm a good driver!)

I'm dying to know your secret!!! You will share with us soon, yes?

ajh said...

Doughnuts are my pancakes. When I read about the Krispie Kreme race where you have to eat a dozen doughnuts at the halfway point I am ashamed to say I think I could do it. Everyone else groans when they hear of it but I just don't have that reaction!

Michelle said...

Oooh! Love your list! I would love to be that comfortable around horses. They just make me nervous for some reason (this could be why I get dragged through bushes everytime I attempt to ride).