Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Afternoon Munchies

How do you know when you've had a good workout?  Can you tell when you're doing it, or done?  Later that day?  The next morning??

For me it's about 24 to 36 hours later that I'm acutely aware that I've really hit those neglected muscles.  Monday night I took a rest day from running and hit up the weights.  The one move that kills me EVERY time is walking lunges. 

{check out this link, looks like a good site}

As of last night, and definitely this morning ...

and, my hammies are definitely announcing their presence.

Apparently I hit up all the right areas!

Last night I had planned to run about 4 miles outside but we were having typical BC wet coast spring weather ... sunny one minute, torrential turn-on-the-windshield-wipers-full-speed-and-STILL-not-be-able-to-see downpour rain the next.  Instead I turned to my trusty treadmill, and last night I was grateful to have it.  I did 5 ten-minute intervals, way too fast for my recovering leg - but it felt fantastic.  Actually my leg feels pretty good today.  Or maybe just my ass is too sore to notice the leg pain.


Lately I've been struggling with late afternoon munchies.  I think I'm eating enough throughout the day, but as soon as I get home from work I just want to eat, eat, EAT

I've been making sure to have a late afternoon snack and also been trying to eat dinner as soon as I get home at 5:00.  But the hunger is so strong (or perceived hunger???) that I end up eating something outside of my plan, and often it's not the healthiest (sugary cereal, peanut butter on toast, crackers, cheese, candy/cookies if I can find them...).  Also, afterwards I end up feeling over-full, so I really don't think I "need" that extra food.

I'd prefer to save that "extra" to have after a workout.  But what ends up happening is I feel so hungry, so I eat more, then I feel full and have difficulty exercising.  Many times I have to postpone my planned workout to let my meal digest.  I can't figure out why at this particular time of day my brain isn't registering that I've just eaten.  If dinner isn't ready within 30 minutes (max) after I get home then I'll practically eat the cupboard doors.  This week I have pre-made meals so all I have to do is warm-up and chow down - dinner in 5 minutes or less!

I have protein with most meals, a definite abundance of fibre rich foods (veggies, fruits, whole-grain foods), drink lots of fluids.  I eat about every 3 hours.  It can't be that my body needs this extra food because I'm not loosing weight when I eat this way.

Any suggestions???

Happy Hump Day!



Tricia said...

YES! no matter how often I do them, walking lunges KILL me. But I LOVE it :)

kimert said...

Lunges and squats of any kind kill me the next day! But I do like that butt burning feeling, I think. LOL

Boiled egg whites are a staple grab n munch snack that I don't feel guilty about. Low calories (or low point. if that's your thing) and they are filling.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Haha, love the pictures in this post!

And for me my muscles get sore 36 - 48 hours later so it sucks cause by then, it's my next scheduled day to lift but I'm so sore!

Epsom salt bath works wonders though!

And like you, something about getting home in the afternoon after work makes me hungry too. I think it's a psychological thing for me... goes along with the whole comfort feeling. Drinking lots of water/tea helps to kill the craving!

Teamarcia said...

My afternoon eating is merely habit. Yes I'm hungry but yes I could resist if I really put my mind to it. I find once I start with something I have no control. Better for me not to start at all.

Sarah said...

Usually I can feel the soreness about 24 hours later.

I have the difficulty with hunger at the same time. I find I start snacking while I am making dinner and rarely make the best choices either. I find that sometimes drinking extra fluids at that time helps somewhat.

ajh said...

I also love the pictures. I feel soreness the next day. I am always hungry after school - late afternoon but if I workout I am fine until later.

Syl said...

loved todays Post Heidi, too cute.
The only thing I can suggest is to drink something, i find if I drink a glass of water or hot tea it curbs my hunger.

Heather said...

Walking lunges are an ass kicker for sure! I have the same problem when I get home from work, and usually end up munching while I make dinner. I try to keep it healthy - usually slice up an apple and share it with my daughter, or put out some baby carrots on a plate for us both to munch on. Or grab the bag of chocolate chips, whatever. :)

Marcelle said...

I also suffer from the afternoon munchies...I'm okay during the morning after breakfast and lunch, but between lunch and dinner I cant stop eating, so nibble on fruit and drink coffee which helps but not the best so don't listen to that one..

I can imagine having a treadmill at home is handy.

Michelle said...

When I worked, I did the same thing. I still have munchies, but now they are around 3pm since I am home all the time. I usually drink a cup of green tea and this curbs it.

Fran said...

I have no idea if this fits in your schedule but maybe exercise before dinner? When I know I have to exercise before dinner I usually control my eatings in the afternoon so that I don't have a full stomach when I start working out.

I hate walking lunges because they're killing me :lol: