Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you Syl!

I want to give a super shout-out to my buddy Syl at Live Smile Run

In my mailbox I received this little package (all good things come in small packages - right?)

The note she included really touched my heart .  I was grinning from ear to ear while reading it.  It is now folded and tucked into my running pouch so I can take her support and encouragement along with me. 

Dear, sweet Syl sent me the coolest necklace with charms from Lift Your Sole.  She couldn't have chosen a better one for me.  I absolutely ADORE it!  Everytime I see it in the mirror I smile.

Now I can take Syl along with me when I run.  That makes me SO happy!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Syl! 
I it!

Sunday morning I went out on my favourite trail run.  I was to meet my friends around 9, but went early with my husband and our dog.  We did about 4 1/2 miles together, until I ran into my friends.  He had to get to work.  I ran for about 1/2 a mile with my friends, but they're just starting up again so I ended up going ahead and running another 6 miles on my own before meeting them again for coffee.  Total of 11.1 miles. 

It was super hot and humid out and I forgot to put on my Glide before I left.  So now I'm sporting some "lovely" chafing on my arms.  Grrr!  But the day was beautiful, the run was great and relaxing, and I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends .... so I'm not complaining.

I love to run with friends, but the reality is becoming that we are at too different of paces. I think from now on I will just arrange to meet them for coffee afterwards. The last few times I've gone ahead of them, come back and basically said a quick hi, then gone off on my own again. That's OK, but sometimes when I stop/slow down I find it difficult to get back into my rythym. I think I'd rather just keep going non-stop.

A couple of you asked what kind of dance my daughter does.  This year she is doing Jazz & Hip Hop.  Both at a very low level.  But she has a good time and has met some good friends through it.  She did gymnastics for a number of years, then dance the last couple years.  Next year she wants to play soccer because "it's more active" and not a "girly" sport.  She also has lots of friends who play soccer.  Kind of late to get into it, but I think she'll have fun.

I got some of my prep done this weekend, though not all.  And some I have to redo.  I'll be back with that story tomorrow.

Have a great day!



Marcelle said...

what a stunning gift from Syl...she is so thoughtful and always says the right things, why we all love her so much in blogland.

I am so used to running on my own that I would find it weird to run with others again...I did enjoy the odd run with my sister in law, but am a loner as that is how I taught myself to run.

Have a great day, bath and bed time for me soon

Syl said...

love the pink Heidi :-)

Wear it proud my friend, well deserved!

I always prefer to run on my own, somehow it just lets me have some "me" time. It's nice to run with others but I prefer to be a loner!

Heather said...

LOVE the necklace! Nice job getting the miles in!

Lynsey said...

How nice of her. Love it!

Missy said...

Necklace is gorgeous - what a nice gift!

Sarah said...

LOVE that necklace!!!

Too funny about your daughter. My daughter danced from ages 3-6 and then did cheerleading last year. Now she wants to get into soccer too...the other stuff is too boring for her. :)

Kyle and Darci said...

Lovin' the necklace!! how sweet of syl!! :)

and look at you go getting those miles in!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the win! the necklace is beautiful!
and nice 11 miles! great job!

Fran said...

What a beautiful gift from a lovely person to a lovely person. Enjoy wearing it.

I prefer running alone. In fact I've never run together with somebody else. I think I'm too slow for others :lol:

Great run on Sunday and thanks for running with me that day. It helped me through the last 2 km.

Marlene said...

I *love* the necklace! Looks great on you!

kimert said...

That is SO sweet! My favorite accessory is my necklace from LYS. I can't wait until the day when I can add the 13.1 charm to mine!

Anonymous said...

Your neclace is super cute! Way to go on your 11 miler! I struggle sometimes running with friends because we too are at different paces. I started letting them know in advance that I am training for a half-marathon and I may run ahead of them. They seemed to understand since they are not training for anything and are there for the social factor. Good for you though.