Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still adding up that mileage

I'm running a little behind today getting my post up.  Yesterday I noticed that my work computer has the little memory card slot on it.  My normal procedure is to upload the pictures from my camera onto my home computer.  Then, copy them to a memory stick.  Which I then take to work with me where I compose my posts (yes I have a fantastic job that allows me plenty of time to blog and still get my work done - not much goes on here, but I do need to be here almost daily).  So I figured I'd take advantage of this slot and save a couple steps.  But the dang thing isn't working!  ERGH! 

I have a nice, sweaty pic of me after completing my time for Jen's challenge yesterday.  Oh well, the picture will have to wait.

Came home from work yesterday (hungry as usual) and had a quick meal before taking my daughter to dance.  I really need to have a late afternoon snack on these days because by the time I get home from work I'm ready for a full dinner, but I don't really have enough time to digest it before dropping her off and going for a run.

Anyhow, my husband came along for the run.  We had hoped to get in about 5 miles but there is SO many stoplights downtown that we wasted a lot of time waiting.  Near the end of our run we just ran down the street a bit waiting for the light to change.  I hate having to stop & go.  I really don't know how people run downtown Vancouver (or any big city) with all those lights. 

We ended up finishing 4.33 miles in about 41 minutes (not incl. wait time).  A little bit slow, but we both were a bit off.

Came home and decided to hit up the treadmill to finish off my daily mileage.  For some reason when I stepped on the treadmill I felt fantastic and just wanted to keep running.  But ... Biggest Loser was coming on and I missed last week.  I did another 2.67 miles in 22 minutes.  Much better pace (8:22/mi).  That gave me 7 miles for the day - WAHOO!

Then, during Biggest Loser I did a few crunches.  Was going to do some push-ups & dips too, but got lazy.  Ehhh, what can I say, I'm human!

I'm going to mention again how HELPFUL food prep has been for me.  This morning I slept 1 hour past my alarm.  I usually allow myself plenty of time in the morning as that's my favourite time to do household chores.  But this put me in a bit of a crunch.  It was so nice to have some things prepared in the fridge that I could just grab and go.  No having to resort to take-out or frozen meals!!

I leave you with a picture I did happen to have from my daughter's dance comp the other day. (At least I have something to share)

Have a fantastic day!



Marlene said...

Great job on the miles! Stoplights drive me crazy. Thankfully I live in the 'burbs and don't have to deal with them often. I can't imagine running in downtown Toronto!

Syl said...

Runner have to obey traffic signals .... oops :-)

Your daughter is cute as a button, just like her mom.

Marcelle said...

You have far too much energy an energized bunny you are...running, running and crunchers...this girl is very impressed.

What a sweetheart you have there...and she's giving mom a big achievement smile from the dance floor...enough to make mom's heart melt with pride...xx

kimert said...

Send some of that energy over my way! I wish I could run that much/that often. You are a running fool!!!

Missy said...

Heidi - you just gave me a brilliant idea! I need to start running downtown. That way I get plenty of breaks!!!!

Great job getting in 7miles.

Will you give me a quick recap of where BL is at now? I was watching at the beginning of the season and got bored. Has it gotten better? Should I start watching it again?

Syl said...

they are lululemon shorts, nuff said :-) I should be using them for yoga LOL!

ajh said...

Great job finishing your miles. Stoplights would drive me nuts!

Kyle and Darci said...

great job on getting your miles in!! and how nice that you can work and blog!! ;)

i wish i could get up early to get things done! i've been sleeping in lately since i workout in the evenings now...i should try getting up! we'll see in AM!

Fran said...

Nice pic of your daughter.

I'm lucky to live in a not so big village where there are only 2 stopping lights but I try to avoid them. To be honest I come across one of those regurarly and just run across the street even if it's red and there's no traffic :) I hate to stop and wait too.

Great job on the workout.

Michelle said...

Wow - I honestly thought that was you! You guys look alot alike! Yay for running with the hubs!!