Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Recap / April Goals

 MARCH 2010

# of runs: 16

Distance: ..........86.3 Miles / 138.8 Kms
Monthly Goals: 80.0 Miles / 128.7 Kms

Time Running:  13 Hours 9 Minutes 32 Seconds

Longest Distance: 13.1 Miles / 21.1 Kms (1:57:41)
Fastest Pace: ........7:40 min/Mile / 4:46 min/Km / 7.8 mph - 1 mile intervals on treadmill
Average Pace: ......8:55 min/Mile / 5:32 min/Km / 6.7 mph

Summary: Slightly exceeded mileage goal this month.  I had increased it from 65 to 80 miles this month and just made it over that.  I was on target to exceed it by quite a bit, but near the end of the month I needed a little mental break and took almost a week off.  I'm a bit disappointed in the number of runs I did.  I still want to improve on that.  However, like I said, I took a little break there which contributed to a lower number overall.  My average pace increased ever so slightly. 
Here's my previous recaps for comparison:  January, February


Distance:  229.5 Miles / 369.3 Kms
Goal: .......200.0 Miles / 321.8 Kms

Time Running:  34 Hours 43 Minutes 51 Seconds


♥ Once again .... increase the # of runs I do this month.  I'm going to put a number to it this month, to be a bit more specific.  This month my goal is to run a minimum of 20 times.
♥ I'm also increasing my mileage goal again.  The weather is getting better.  The time has changed allowing more daylight for running in the evening.  I have no excuses for not running further and more often.  My mileage goal for April is 100 miles!  That's pretty lofty for me, but if I stay focused I can achieve it.

Plan! Prepare! Organize!

♥ Plan - preplan meals at least the day before, a few days is better.  Even if I make changes to the menu, this helps me stay on track. 

♥ Prepare - prep as much food in advance as possible.  Of course, having an idea of what I plan to eat the next day helps with planned leftovers.
♥ Organize - have what I need, when I need it.  No last minute trips to the grocery store.  No helter skelter cupboards & fridges. 

♥ Sadly I have no official races scheduled this month.  Due to a variety of reasons (schedules, logistics, finances) I won't be able to do the races that I was hoping.  But ... that doesn't mean I can't do my own personal virtual race!  So, I am scheduling the following "races" for myself.  They will be done on roads, with some hills, timed and measured by my trusty Garmin - essentially what you'd expect in an actual race.  When life deals you lemons ...make lemonade!

April 11 - Heidi's Springtastic 10K
April 25 - Heidi's Happy Half Marathon

I'd be happy to race with any of you if you want to come along! ;)

Happy April!!



Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I wish I could run that far, Heidi! I would run with you (I love the names, BTW).

You've got me thinking about what I can name my own little "races" now...Hmmmm.

Your monthly distances have me in awe!

Fran said...

Move your Springtastic 10K to April 18th and I'm in. I have a 10K race on that date.

I think you did great on your goals this month. Funny that I have increased my mileage for April too :)

Great and achievable goals!

Marcelle said...

Why is this entry making me feel like throwing in the towel when it comes to running...( joking )
Its so inspirational.
I am struggling to get going again - loved running in the warm weather now find this cold weather puts me off..4.5degrees here, thats much colder than Cape Town gets in winter and this is our spring...heavens help me...I need motivation.

Anonymous said...

very ambitious goals, but im sure u can do them!
congrats on the great march stats!

Marlene said...

Excellent month! You are right on track.

I hope April goes great!

I have long runs on both April 11 and 25, so I'll be running along with you 'virtually'.

Missy said...

Oh my you always amaze me. I was running on the treadmill last night and I said to myself, "How does Heidi do this so much. This sucks." It's true - I think about you when I run.

Side note - did you do WW to lose your weight? I should know that but I can't remember...

Syl said...

is it to late to register for this run:
April 11 - Heidi's Springtastic 10K

because if it isn't I'm in :-)

Stephanie said...

I will be running my first 1/2 marathon at 7am on April 11th...If anything, I will be running with you in spirit, but we will have to check in on each other to see how we did.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

What a month! Love the goals you have set for yourself. I try and plan dinners in advance, but it doesn't always work out the way I plan...I am still working on that one.

Syl said...

alright according to my schedule that's a scheduled rest day for me but Sign me up - I'll run it with you :-) I may even have a little something coming to you in the mail, if it would hurry up and get here.....

Michelle said...

Great job!

I plan meals for 2 weeks at a time. This helps me not get into a having the same thing every week rut. I only go to the store once every two weeks (I go for more fruit and veggies every week, but the big purchase is every 2 wks).

I'll run the 10k with you!

ajh said...

Have a good April running month. It looks like you exceeded your mileage goals for the year!

Suzy said...

You had a great month! I hope April is another wonderful month for you.

Syl said...

HEIDI, I ran 14.3 on the weekend! I may even join you on the heidi's happy half marathon...we'll see....

Anonymous said...

And you know - we certqinly know how to make lemonade! Perfect idea Love Mama

Anonymous said...

Way to go on your goals! That is such an awesome feeling to surpass your goals. And yay for your April Goals! You can do it!

Fran said...

I just found out I have a 10K run scheduled for next Sunday. So count me in for your Sprintastic 10K

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great job with the March goals and can't wait to see you kill your April goals!

I gotta say you're doing awesome with the running. I've always wanted to like running, but it's just not for me. My feet get numb and I'm prone to shin splints but it's such a convenient (and cheap!) exercise.

Glad you're doing something you enjoy!