Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in Point Form

The day is getting away from me.  Here's my weekend in point form (or the shortest version of point form that I can manage).

  • Ran 4.5 slow miles with a friend.  Just what I needed for my recovering legs.
  • Worked in the afternoon for a couple of hours to help my boss get caught up as he's been away.  Earned me some bonus points from the boss.  He even phoned me after I'd left to thank me from coming in.  Funny thing about that is I was originally hired to work full time and over the years I'm the one who decided to work less ... because I want to.
  • Tried out a new recipe (post to follow)
  • Watched an awesome hockey game.  I'm sort of a fair weather fan.  I only watch when our local team is in the play-offs ... and doing well.  Go Canucks, Go!
  • Pissy, rainy day.  Man I HATE rain!
  • Did a few house chores and was in general very lazy.  Watched a few episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Really not the most best acting I've ever seen, but my daughter got me hooked on the plot and now I wanna know what happens.  Plus it's kind of cool to see Molly Ringwald again.
  • Found myself bored, unmotivated and wanting to eat, eat, eat. 
  • Somehow managed to keep it mostly at bay.
  • Last week I attempted to make these no bake oatmeal coconut chocolate cookies.  They failed, didn't set up, and just kind of crumbled.  So I put it into a container to use like granola.  I found myself digging into it, and really I'm the only one who liked it.  So .... I DUMPED THE WHOLE THING!  Gonzo!!!
  • Didn't exercise.  Probably should have.  Would have given me something to do.  At one point I actually put exercise clothes on.  But then I changed.  Silly, huh???
  • Met up with an old friend who I dearly miss and rarely have the opportunity to see.
  • Ran an easy 7.2 miles (half with a friend slowly, half on my own faster).  My legs are feeling pretty darn good - WAHOOOO.   I wanted to run much further and much faster.  I just have to remember to not jump back in too quickly so I can remain uninjured.  I just want to run - fast!  But I am reminding myself that I have a much anticipated race coming up that I want to be TIP TOP for.
  • Cleaned two very dirty, icky horse stalls that were long overdue.  Talk about a workout!  I was drenched in sweat and my muscles can feel it today.  This was a good reminder of how I love the feeling of a good strength workout.  I'm very grateful for that reminder!
  • Made my daughter mow the lawns and wash my Jetta. (yes, that is considered an accomplishment for me - haha)
  • Finished up all the laundry
  • Made two batches of cookies and gave over half of them away to our employees that were working that day
  • Made a honkin' huge tray of lasanga, plus an extra little one to put in the freezer.  Guess what Garfield hubby is eating for dinner all week!
  • Cut up some fruit for this weeks lunches
  • Watched ANOTHER great hockey game and witnessed the Canucks win round one of the playoffs!  Go Canucks, Go!
Pretty boring, but ... that's my life! :)

Has your Monday been a great kick-off to a new week?



Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely weekend! looks like ur legs have recovered! :)

Missy said...

Sounds like a great weekend with far too much running for taste but totally up your alley! Sometimes we all just need a lazy Saturday afternoon..

Syl said...

sounds like a great productive weekend my friend, I on the other hand did NOTHING and lots of it! The boys were watching star wars and I was feeling sorry for myself....that resulted in a new purse :-).

I think my mojo is back though, I have tracked everything I have eaten today and getting ready to get out and hit the streets running :-).

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Nice weekend. Looks like you were able to get in some good solid runs too. I'm with you on hating the rain. It's been non-stop here! Yuck! My Monday has been fairly relaxing! First night my son hasn't had a baseball game (in what seems like forever) so we are taking advantage of kicking back. :)

ajh said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Sometimes I like rain as it is a good excuse to curl up with a good book!

Heather said...

Sounds like a nice weekend - nice job getting those runs in!

Fran said...

I don't think it's boring at all, you did more than I did this weekend.

I have to laugh about changing into your workout clothes and then change back, it's exactly what I did Sunday morning.

Michelle said...

Great weekend! I wish I were as productive as you!

Lynsey said...

Sounds like a very good weekend. You got a lot done girl!

Marlene said...

Definitely sounds like a busy weekend! Nice job on the runs and glad to hear you're feeling GOOD!

I've worked in the yard a bit over the last couple of days and feel it in my arms and back today... that's the best strength workout I've had in weeks!

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
You have been getting lots of running in! Good for you:) When is your 10k coming up...I know what you mean about just wanting to run fast! Your times are great and I am sure you will be PRing all over the place this season! Running in the rain is not my favorite but it makes us tough runner chicks:) Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got lots accomplished! Way to go! :)