Monday, August 15, 2011


This weekend I accomplished another mileage victory for the year ... 12 miles.  Longest run in 2011.  YAHHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Also, only took 3 walk breaks.  The first one was unintentional as we were crossing a busy street.  Yes, I could have just jogged on the spot, but I don't do that.  It feels silly and I see no point.  The 2nd stop I needed, plus one of my friends was turning back at this point so we had a little water drink and said goodbye.

The 3rd stop I had intended to take at the top of a hill.  But, for one, there was a police incident at the top of the hill and I thought it best to keep going past, and also I found I didn't really need it quite yet.  I think I could have dropped that break and made it through.

The best thing was that when I was done my 12 miles, I could have ran further and finished up the half distance.  This was the first long run in a while where I didn't feel completely out of gas at the end of it.  Probably helped that it was a bit cooler out and overcast.  Perfect running weather.

EDITED TO ADD:  Oh my ... HOW could I forget this part?????  Last week I did my long run at a painstakingly slow (for me) 10:15/mile pace.  This week (longer distance too, by 2 miles) I did it with a 9:47/mile pace.  Almost 30 seconds/mile faster.  I impress me - heeheeeeeee.  It's coming back baby!!!!

Took a rest day on Sunday, which I think I needed to recharge for this week.  Tomorrow is my beloved Bosu Ball class which I'm stupidly excited for!!

Got another new exciting adventure I'm trying out this week.  Will share later! :)  I'm kind of apprehensive about it and not actually expecting to enjoy it ... but we'll see.  Maybe I'll be surprised.

Still failing miserably on the weight loss.  Just can't seem to stay consistent.  In two weeks I'm only down 0.6 lbs, which is nothing.  Heck, my scale fluctuates more than that in a 5 minute period.  I don't understand why I don't want this enough to make the changes necessary.  I'm certainly NOT content with where I'm at, and despite putting all this effort into physical activity, I'm apparently just not willing to put in just a bit more effort into eating less/better.  I don't understand it.  Perhaps I'm crazy?

Have a great week!



kimert said...

Awesome job on the double digit long run!!!!
I feel ya with the scale. I have gotten SO much better with my scale addiction and have gone to weighing in ONE time a week. Still battling the damn thing to go my way but baby steps for me. Good luck to you!!

Marlene said...

Congrats on the strong AND long run!!!

I always think people look silly jogging in place at the light. :p

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wohoo!!! always so exciting to hit that distance and realize you are pushing your limits. Even better to have it be better than the previous week!

Fran said...

What a great post to read at 8 am in the morning before my day starts.

Fantastic Heidi, you must have felt so good after that long run. Bet your confidence is back now. I'm so proud and happy for you.

But I am curious now about the other news you will share later :)

Marcelle said...

Did I motivate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT going girlfriend, you are SO strong!!
Tomorrow I am doing my first nervous...but did 18 the other day so should be okay...HEY HEY

Anonymous said...

yay HEIDI!!! great job, hun!

12 miles is awesome!

Susan @ All Things In Moderation said...

Go Girl!Great Job on your 12 miler! You've always been such a huge inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 12! And more so that you had it in ya to keep going. That is such a great feeling! I hope to be able to bottle up that energy and use it on my 16 miler this weekend!! :)