Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Less time, more effort?

I wanted to do a little follow-up after my CrossFit review from last week.  For anyone who was considering trying this, but is now discouraged because of my review ... please do NOT be discouraged.  Go out there and give it a try and form your own opinion.

Also, since our experience, I have received some feedback that perhaps this particular location is a bit known for being rather eccentric and extreme.  Apparently this is not a fair example of what Crossfit really represents.  While they may, in general, follow some of these opinions to a certain degree, this location seems to be known for being a little more closed-minded.

That said, my friend and I have decided NOT to go back for our 2nd session.  I bounced the idea around for a few days, my friend had left the decision up to me.  When I told her yesterday I didn't really want to go again she seemed relieved.


In other news, did a 10K run on Sunday morning that was absolutely sucky.  I really struggled through it.  It was quite muggy and I just ... struggled.  I think I had to walk 4 times and had someone offered to pick me up I just might have taken them up on it.  I'm really noticing these days that this extra weight has slowed me down substantially!  My mind wants to go faster, but I just can't make the ol' bod' do it - then I get frustrated and shut down.  It's becoming clearer and clearer that if I'm going to have success (and enjoy) running again, I NEED to lose weight.

After the run we visited some friends who made us the most amazing Prime Rib dinner.  It was too die for, and I completely overdid it.  This is something I get to enjoy maybe once a year and I didn't regret it - despite my revelation that I really need to get serious about some weight loss.  I know I keep saying it, and you know .... one day I'm actually going to mean it.


Last night I spent a little time doing some meal planning, and I've really been pushing my family to ride my butt about eating better.  I know it's up to me, but I'm needing their support right now.  I actually WANT them to call me out on my bad eating habits.

Started my day off well with 2 pcs of light bread and an egg.  Trying to incorporate protein throughout the day to keep me from hitting the hunger highs and lows.  Lunch/snacks today consist of: vegetable soup, crackers, a kiwi, cucumber slices and 10 almonds.  Planned dinner is spaghetti (portion controlled) with a meat & vegetable pasta sauce.  And I've even planned to have ONE cookie tonight - better to be planned than to crave and binge.   Exercise today is my beloved Bosu Ball class.  Not sure if I'll add on the bootcamp class as well, or just push it as hard as possible for the one class.

Although I already try pretty much my hardest when I workout, I'm wondering if I can put in a little less time but a little more effort and still get the same results.  I think that's possible.  My mind is turning that way for running right now.  Perhaps at this point I'll have better success in weight loss if I focus more on running shorter distances faster, rather than just trying to 'make it through' the longer distances.  Any thoughts?  Is less time but more effort more effective?  I'm just wondering how much more effort I can give - there must be a little in there.

Oh ... and go check out Jamie at Sweaty Hugs who has just completed her first ever relay triathlon.  She did the bike portion (17.5 miles) and after just beginning riding 6 months ago she did a FANTASTIC job.



Syl said...

Heidi I am so feeling your frustrations, actually blogged about it today. I feel fat and sluggish, yesterdays 5km run almost killed me how the heck am I gonna run a marathon! So frustrating when you take a little break and have to start from square one but I think the thing we must both remember is we are starting ;-).
Looking at my food intake too, I think we are both on the same page these days ;-).

misszippy said...

Too bad about crossfit. I did a class this summer at the beach and loved it. I plan on checking out our local crossfit gym this fall.

Good luck with the eating and figuring it all out. I'd say definitely incorporate those hard effort days--they do burn more calories.

Marlene said...

You are doing so well on the workouts - you owe it to yourself to eat well and treat that body right! Just some tough love. :)

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, I so hear you on the eating better and losing weight. I'm trying to come up with some kind of a plan, but have no idea where to start!

Fran said...

Just read Syl's blog and recognize so much in her and in your post. With the eating I'm in the same position as you girls. I think about it a lot when a run doesn't goes smoothly "you need to lose weight" is all I think but somehow when I'm done it's forgotten. Stupid right?

There's this book: run less, run faster (you can find it on Amazon). Maybe it can be of some help.

I look forward to see how you are going to turn things around, maybe I can learn from it too. If I can help in anyway, let me know.