Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Cardio Challenge


Cardio Challenge:  To improve my time over the 5K and 10K distance.  I will run both distances within the first week of September (a few days apart).  I would like to improve my time this month by at least 1 minute for the 5K and 2-3 minutes for the 10K.  To do this I will be running more consistently and reintroduce some of my old buddies (sarcasm!) hills and intervals.

Nutrition Guidelines:  I will be following the Weight Watchers plan.  The old plan, not the new one (I don't understand that one).  To earn my daily point for this challenge I will need to stay at or under my points target (22).  I will allow myself additional points in the form of earned activity points.  I will not be using the additional 35 weekly points as I do not find I lose weight when I do.  I will adhere to the healthy eating guidelines with the occasional moderate treat (i.e. not eating 22 points in doughnuts! haha).

Planned Workouts for Week One:

Sep 1 - Timed 5 K plus hours of casual walking at an event
Sep 2 - 14 mile cycling, Strength workout
Sep 3 - Rest / Walk with a friend
Sep 4 - Timed 10K
Sep 5 - Hike
Sep 6 - Bosu Ball class & Bootcamp
Sep 7 - Interval running, 14 miles cycling

Last night I slacked off a bit and "only" did the Bosu Ball class, not the Bootcamp as well.  My heart wasn't in it and my friend was leaving on vacation the next day and had her mind in other places.  Still loving that Bosu class.  My balance is HORRIBLE though.  I really hope it improves over time.  The worst is when we have the ball turned over and stand on the flat side.  We're "supposed" to stand on one foot while doing upper body strength moves.  I'm just going from standing on two feet FAR apart to moving them in close together.  And I shake like a leaf in a hurricane, it's quite funny to see.  I should be doing some additional balance work throughout the week.  Hard to believe I was once a gymnast who did not so bad on the balance beam!



Fran said...

Because you were a gymnast once I think you will get your balance back sooner than you think.

Love your action plan! I will post my updates on the challenge in my Saturdays post. Will also post my workouts for the next week on it so I won't have an excuse to skip it :)

September 1st is here: let's do this!

Marcelle said...

Sounds like a great plan of action you have for going to enjoy going through the paces with you via your blog.
Good luck with WW.....

Missy said...

Great plan for week 1! Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the challenge idea, but I think I'll be moving around too much in September to do this. I'm going to plan to do it in October though!

Have a wonderful week!