Thursday, August 4, 2011

Morning Runner???

I am not a morning runner.  I do not enjoy anything about rolling out of a nice comfy bed any earlier than I need to.  I do not enjoy scouring for workout clothes while still half asleep without my contacts on (it's a small miracle I made it out the door with reasonably respectable attire on).

However ... somehow, the last two mornings I have done all of the above and ran 5K each day, finishing well before 7AM..  And I've enjoyed it!  What's up with that????????

I can't honestly even say what sparked this idea.  I rarely ever entertain the idea of exercising that early in the morning.

I do know from experience that this feeling will not last, so I must enjoy it while I can.  There will come a day, likely soon, that I will smash that alarm when it goes off and I will not roll out of bed.  I will question my sanity and realize that there really is no logical reason WHY I need to get up that early to exercise.  I don't have a young family, I don't have a crazy hectic schedule that backlogs my day, temperature isn't an issue.  For the most part I can fit exercise into most days without having to adjust my sleep schedule, and I prefer it that way.  This is an anomaly.

Both these runs have been incredible for different reasons.  Wednesday morning marked my first run in I don't know how long that I did not stop for a walk.  Yes, it was only 5K, but I haven't been able to run that without stopping for a while.

This mornings run though was absolute heaven!  I got a new pair of shoes yesterday (I think they are the prettiest thing on the planet so if you disagree then ZIP it!! hahaha).  These are the Mizuno Wave Riders that I used to wear, before getting a more supportive shoe in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  The Wave Riders are not as supportive a shoe as I require when doing longer distances and more mileage, but they will be my "alternative" shoe.  To be used for shorter runs and "other" sports (i.e. bootcamp).  That way I can save my "distance" shoes and not wear them down so quickly.  It's always a good idea to have multiple shoes when you are active daily.

While these shoes are not a 100% match for me, they are 10,000 times better than the worn out shoes I've been running in and BOY did I feel the difference.  Or maybe it was just that they are so darn cute!  My pace was much faster today, but even better than that, my legs felt AMAZING!  My legs have been feeling heavy lately, and I've been able to feel the lack of support in my heels and shins from wearing old shoes. Today felt like flying.  I almost wish I had more time to have run longer.  Felt so good!  My "distance" shoes should be here in a few days .... I'm so excited!

Today is a super active day.  Started with the 5K run, then bike to/from work 14 miles total, then tonight is my Abs Only & Bootcamp classes.  I think tomorrow will be an easy day, though I'll still do something to keep the body moving.

Have a great day!



Missy said...

Good for you!! Way to get going and enjoy your mornig. That's awesome. What a crazy, active day you'll have.

Marlene said...

LOVE the shoes and double yay on two GREAT morning runs!!!

Lynsey said...

I think the shoes are super cute! Way to go on getting those runs in!

Syl said...

sweet shoes my friend!

ajh said...

Those shoes sure are "purty!"

Lori Lynn said...

I'm not a morning runner either. I have had to start working out in the mornings, b/c of scheduling, and I think it's going to be an adjustment for me. I'm used to being able to have coffee before I work out!

Marcelle said...

I am the same with morning runs, can't do it! So well done. For 6yrs of my teaching life I got up at 5am to teach at 6am, now that I have the whole day to train, a choice, I don't want to get up so early, 9am is a perfect time for me, that's my early morning run hehehehe;)

We don't sell that brand of shoes here. Is ur pair also green?
My one pair of trailer shoes I have to throw away - wore them this week and can feel the support is gone, both my feet and knees felt it after my run. Do have two other pairs but I get into one pair and wear it do death.

I've done a bit of running as well this week as the weather has been a lot kinder, still scared of my bike. Lol

Hope you enjoyed ur Bootcamp class.

Fran said...

You definitely needed new shoes reading about how much better the run was. I have two pair of running shoes, both Brooks Adrenalina, and use them both.

I have to say I was surprised to read Morning runner??? :)
I know you don't like getting up early and I'm so proud of you you get up and tried it. I love to run early in the morning although pushing the alarm button again is often something I would prefer to do too.

Funny is that my colleagues at work that run too know I'm a morning runner and by now I've got already 3 of them running in the morning too :)

Have a great weekend Heidi.

Fran said...

Oops: I forgot to say: HOORAY for running 5K without walking. Fantastic!

kimert said...

I love working out in the mornings and wish I could do it more. I am not a morning person though so about all I can do is schedule my long runs on the weekends for the morning. It's tough for me with my kids being so young, but one day one day I will be a morning running mama!
Love the shoes! And good for you for being so successful this week in your workouts and activities!!

Anonymous said...

I just got new running shoes today and I am so excited to try them out! They're sauconys (my fave running shoe) and they have a huge, cushion-y sole! I can't wait till I break them in enough to go for a run :)

Anonymous said...

I just got new running shoes today and I am so excited to try them out! They're sauconys (my fave running shoe) and they have a huge, cushion-y sole! I can't wait till I break them in enough to go for a run :)

Anonymous said...

Whoopsie! Sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened!