Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Love

Gee, lately I'm full of all kinds of new experiences.  It's fantastic!

I have a confession ..... I have a new love.  A deep, twisted, kind of love.
 My latest discovery and love ....

♥♥♥ The Bosu Ball! ♥♥♥

Last night I took a full 1 hour class based solely on this puppy.  OMG, core is dying today - in a wonderful way.   5 minutes into class I knew it was going to be killer, and I knew I was in love.  Instant (fatal???) attraction.

This is by far the toughest class I have ever taken.  I was dripping in sweat and my body was crying the whole time.  Lunges on/off the ball, running and skipping on the ball, balancing, weights.

And probably my hardest move .... push-ups with the ball turned upside down.  I have a hard enough time doing a push-up on nice solid ground, never mind when it wants to wiggle around under you.

The intention was to take this class in addition to Bootcamp (which we did after Bosu).  But, I do believe that the Bootcamp was in addition to the Bosu class since the Bosu was FAR harder than any bootcamp class I've ever taken.

My core is certainly feeling it today, but in a great way - not sore.  I can certainly feel it in my abs, but I'm surprised how I can feel every muscle in my back.  Shows how unbalanced I must be.

The instructor was also, by far, the best instructor I've ever had.  She was so thorough and clear, and challenging.  Plus she was super nice and I'd almost give away my kids to have her body.  Whatever she's doing, she's doing right and I'm buying it (well, if I could that is).  If I had oodles of money to play with I would hire this woman to be my full time trainer, no matter the cost.  Even something so simple as the stretch at the end .. the most effective I've ever had.

At the end of class I asked her what else she teaches.  Unfortunately I can't make any other classes of hers.  But, she also teaches Zumba (which is not a drop-in class, you have to sign up for the session) AND ... she was teaching it later that night.  She offered for us to stay and participate to see if we liked it.  I really didn't have it in me to do 3 classes in one night, but we did stay for about 10 minutes just to check it out.  I was COMPLETELY lost, but it looks like a ton of fun.  It's not something I can fit into my schedule/finances right now, but it's certainly on the radar.  What a blast!

Ever tried a Bosu class ... or Zumba?  How'd you like it??



Lynsey said...

I've been to Zumba and love it. The girl only came here for like 6 weeks so I wish she'd come back.

Marcelle said...

I'm loving how you are giving all these classes a try and giving ur personal feedback. Love that you in love with this workout, it sure is tough.
Zumba I tried and didn't really like it, now that surprised me as I'm a dancer, I thought I would fall in love - but it was the instructor dancing and me having to follow, with o instructions as to what was coming up next or now do do the moves.

Fran said...

I too love it that you're trying all these new things and most of all enjoy doing them.

My gym has a bosu ball that can be used but I have never tried it, but I heard that it can be very challenging indeed.

I never tried Zumba, my gym has 1 class and that's on Saturday when my long run is. And I have to sign in for it which I don't like: I want to go when I want too. I did put Zumba on my wishlist with workout DVD's.

Great workouts Heidi!

Anonymous said...

i love zumba. i have tried a bosu ball before but never a full class.
i bet ur abs are killing!

Marlene said...

So you don't like the full ball - you are all about the HALF ball! hehe

Missy said...

I love the bosu and am afraid of Zumba. If you try it I'm excited to hear what you think. Have a good weekend!

Nikki said...

Where did you take the Bosu class? I did one at the LEC and it was really hard. I've been looking to pick up a BOSU for my home gym...

Nikki said...

In regards to TOL rec classes, the spin clsses at LEC are pretty good. I really should get back into those again! There also used to be a really KILLER boxerfit class at WGC taught by Betty. Don't know if she still teaches or not, but it was HAAAAARRRRRRDDDD!

Cassy said...

Im interested with that. I think it's very doable.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

Syl said...

look at you trying all these new things! Good for you Heidi!
I've never tried...looks like I don't go very far from the running, biking and shredding..must learn new things ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never realized there were so many exercises you could do with those balls. What a great class Heidi! I need some ab loving classes like this!! :)