Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Much to Do

Today I am really feeling it.  My legs are tired.  My abs are still feeling Tuesday's killer workouts.  My body is just screaming for some down time.  Unfortunately I'm not providing it just yet.  Sometimes when I have days like this I teeter on whether I should give my body the rest it is craving, or push through and demand more from it and see how it responds.  Maybe it's a test?

I do know that I'm not in any sort of pain that would result in injury.  I know the difference.  This is just tired body that's been working hard.

Tonight I'm doing a trial class in something new.  Will explain after I've done it as I'm not really sure what to expect from it or how to describe it.  From what I know it can be a pretty intense workout, but being that it's just a trial (i.e. free) class, they may take it easy on us.  I already know going in that I will not be doing it beyond the two free trial classes.  Even if I love it, it's just way too expensive for me.  My friend is interested in it and I agreed to go along with her.  I'm already dreading the 'sales pitch' that I'm sure will follow.

In other news ... my scale has officially died.  The batteries keep dying and every time I replace it, it dies quicker the next time.  Last time I put a new battery in I said it would be the final time.  For the last few weeks  we've had to beat on the scale to get it to turn on.  It became a gong show - tap it softly, hit it hard, pick it up shake it ... do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around - then maybe it would work.  The last two days - nothing!  It's done.  You can go pretty crazy with options out there, but basically I just want something reliable that will let me measure my progress (or lack thereof....).  Gotta admit, I'm a little afraid that I'll get a new scale and it will show me substantially heavier than the old one.  I've seen it happen.  But, it will be what it will be.  For me it's a necessary tool.



Fran said...

I'm interested about the trial class you followed yesterday, what is was and if you liked it. Unfortunately you can't try many free classes here except for the bootcamp I'm going to next month.

Maybe it's not so bad with a new scale. When I bought a new scale the difference was minimal. I couldn't do without a scale too. I don't use it every day but certainly at least once a week.

Promise me to take a rest day soon, okay? You deserve it.

Lynsey said...

I wish I had a good friend who wanted to workout with me. I think that would make it much easier. OK, not easier but more fun for sure. Let us know all about the class.

Also, what is it that Jillian says about pain? Something like, "get comfortable with being uncomfortable". When you hurt that's when you know it's working! But you also know your body and it's limits so listen to it.

Marcelle said...

Ah a new class...there are so many new classes in USA that we dont get to see here or SA...I see it online and wish I could give them a try as well...these ropes that hang from the roof now, a new class that everyone is raving about, dont ask me the name..

You are tired...but like me will push...thats our nature...push push push....LOL..

I hate the scale. It can ruin my whole day if it does not show numbers I want to see :)

Missy said...

Just remember that it really is just a number - so as long as after all your hard work the scale moves in the right direction it doesn't really matter your starting weight. All scales vary. Your success will show!