Monday, August 8, 2011

Ho-Hum and a weekly review

Tried a new class this weekend ... spinning.  The instructor is my friend's new trainer and she was really impressed with her.  We took the class at her suggestion.  Plus, I've never spun before.  Have thought about it lots, but been a little intimidated to try.

Everything I've heard about spinning has lead me to believe it's a very intense class that will leave you dripping in sweat.  Towel absolutely required.  It was a gorgeous day and I would have loved to have ridden my bike to the gym, but as I was expecting a killer workout out I left the bike at home.

To be honest ... it was OK.  Maybe I'm just "bike fit" from riding my mountain bike to work almost daily lately.  While I did get a decent workout, and definitely had some sweat going on ... I would far from label it as "very intense". 

I consistently had my bike in a higher gear than recommended, and at a higher RPM as well.  My friend that came with me was within the recommended gear range and had a hard time reaching the recommended RPM, and she said she found the class very challenging.  This is the same friend that is currently training for a marathon and while we start our runs together, she's running a good 6 miles more than me on the long runs ... and kicking my butt on pace too.  

Just as class was about to start, a woman got on the bike to my left ... it was a woman I know.  Her, myself, and the friend I came with all went to high school together.  That was kind of neat.  Anyhow, this woman also seemed to struggle with reaching the recommended gear/RPM levels.

So, while obviously spinning must be a darn good workout, it would seem that I either need to reach even higher than I was, or it's just not challenging enough for me.  I'll have to try it a couple more times to see.  I did enjoy the class though and wouldn't hesitate to take it again.  Unfortunately I can't be doing a ton of classes so will have to just fit it in occasionally.  I'd rather do a bootcamp/weight class as I find that a lot more challenging.

Sunday I did another 10 mile run.  It was pretty hot out, even though we left at 8AM.  But, I managed to run a little further once again without needing to walk, and took less walk breaks than last week.  And the pace was slightly faster.  So again, more improvement.  

Review of last week Aug 1 - 7:

* Ran 16 miles
* Biked 43 miles
* Walked 2 miles
* Classes - (1) Spin, (1) Abs Only, (1) Bootcamp
* Used 17/35 extra weekly points & all activity points (yes, I'm following the old WW's program again)
* Weight loss - ZIP :(  Maybe next week



Syl said...

spinning has been something Ive always wanted to try and like you am very intimidated by it. As I don't have a gym membership it would be hard for me to try unless I found a drop in.
But good for you for trying something new Heidi.

Demara said...

Wow GJ on the spinning!! I know for someone who enjoys cycling and does it occastionally or even like you, daily then I suppose the class wouldn't be as much of a challenge, but for someone like me, I'm SURE it would be extremely difficult :P I suck at cycling but excel at Volleyball (probably because I've been playing for over 20 years) But ya I really should try a spinning class at least once, I've only just seen how it is on the Biggest Loser show! LOL Again GJ on keeping it up. Your progress in the pictures looks great :))

Fran said...

First of all: excellent workout week Heidi! I'm impressed and proud of you! Great job on the 10 miler.

You definitely have a base build by biking because I remember my first spinning class which had all the ingredients you mentioned: dripping sweat and trouble keeping up. I actually didn't like it, I kept looking at the clock if the class was over yet. I never have that in any other classes or during runs.

The gym I took my class had different types of spinning classes, for beginners up to advanced. Maybe they have it where you go too? Sounds to me you are more than ready for the advanced class.

Marcelle said...

I'm a qualified Johnny G spinning instructor...Now after not spinning for 7 years, I have no desire to go back...It was work to me...I got paid to teach and while I taught I enjoyed it....the music, the people...but dont miss
Spinning makes your thighs bigger!!!!!!!!!
It hurts the lady parts as well!

Marlene said...

Great job on your week and trying out spinning! I took spinning classes a lot last winter and I find the instructors can be sooo different and really 'make or break' the class. Maybe you got a softy... or maybe you are in better shape than you thought!

Missy said...

That's interesting that spin wasn't harder for you. Guess your body is just used to being on a bike! Glad you still have those other classes you can go back to and get your butt kicked ;o)

Great job last week. The weight loss WILL come. Keep at it!