Monday, March 16, 2009

Cooking with ESBM

A while ago my friend lent me her copy of Eat, Shrink & Be Merry. I plan to buy my own copy one of these days, but in the meantime I've gone through the book and picked out about 2 dozen recipes that I consider "must tries". I can't wait to give some of them a shot. Once tried I'll report on how I like them.

I have the first 2 books from those authors and plan to go through them as well.

What a lazy weekend we had, the whole family. Went for my Sunday run yesterday but was absolutely exhausted afterwards. Had a headache and a couple of naps and was still tired before I went to bed. Must have needed the extra sleep, though we've been going to be at about 9:00 all week so I shouldn't be overtired.

Friday I went into the Running Room to look at shoes and get my feet assessed. Apparently the shoes I have are a pretty good fit for me and I can keep with them if I want. This is good because I was concerned that I might need something a bit more specialized. I have a slightly high arch and my ankles turn in (not sure how you fix that) but otherwise I have a neutral foot that only pronates slightly. I'm currently wearing Adidas Response Cusion 16, but I think for my next shoe I want the Ascics Gel Nimbus 10. They felt really snug on my foot and when comparing the 2 shoes (well the newer version of the Adidas) I felt the Ascics fit my ankle better. Now I just have to decide where to buy them from. They're $180 at the Running Room and $190 at Sportchek (but that may be buy on get one half off, I'm not sure). I think I found them online for $95, but that's US $. I'll have to decide pretty soon though.

Looking forward to Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill tonight. I don't watch a ton of regular TV, but I do like those shows. Now ... to decide what's for dinner and get in a workout before TV time ....

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Ash said...

ESBM is great! The favs in our house are:
Better Butter Chicken
Ladle in Red (chili)
All You Need is Loaf
Smackeroni & Cheese