Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No more! I'm putting my foot down, or should I say fork...

I'm all fired up today! Actually it started yesterday. I'm determined to finish this now. I haven't been as accurate with my eating as I should be and I know that is key to losing weight. I exercise alot and the intensity is there, so that's not the issue. I've always known it was food.

I started my meal planning last week and that's been good. Took a few days to really grasp it but now it's going well. I created a spreadsheet in excel and plan out the whole week. Then if there's any changes, I just make them right on the sheet. It calculates my daily totals & weekly totals, and keeps track of my APs.

I've also reverted back to the orgininal WW's plan that first worked for me - the 1*2*3 Success Plan. It had a points range (mine is 18-23) and you can bank points. So if I have 18 pts one day, I can bank 5 points to use another day. You can also bank APs too. This concept always worked for me and since the new plans came out I always struggled with the idea of a points target (mine is 21). If I didn't reach it I felt I failed (you are supposed to reach it as a minimum) and if I went over by a point or two (totally acceptable and part of plan) I still felt like I failed. It just didn't work in my head. It's really all the same idea in the end and I doubt it makes a differene other than it makes ME feel better.

Yesterday the kids and I watched a video from our holidays last year. Talk about motivation. At the time I was feeling OK about my weight (though knew I still had a ways to go). When I look back, I realize I was maybe only 3-5 lbs heavier than I am right now. And looking at that video I am NOT satisfied with how I look, how I move, how I was breathing heavy on a little climb.

Sometimes I tell myself that maybe I'm at a good weight and I should quit this battle. But this was a kick in the face and a clear sign that I am not good at this weight. I still have too much fat around my stomach which is unhealthy (if not unattractive).

So I need to say no more to non-tracking days, no more to unrecorded bits & bites, no more to guessing at points values & measurements.

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syl said...

Hi Heidi!
I am totally with you on the new program, don't get me started! it really makes no scence to me in my head. Maybe because I am an online user and didn't hear the details first hand, i don't know!

I stick with the way things were because they work.

Do what ever feels right!