Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some new finds

Managed to maintain damage control fairly well yesterday. I did have a half cup of ice cream last night, but still stayed within my calorie range. My kids have taken to using the KitchenAid mixer to "soften" their ice cream. I swear it tastes just like the commercial soft serve - mmmm. My son mixed in vanilla extract with his vanilla ice cream last night and it was heaven. I'm not usually much of an ice cream fan (my son is fanatic about it) but this was sooo good. Sadly I found myself thinking of the cotton candy flavouring I've spotted at the local cake decorating shop and wondering how that would taste in this concoction. And I'm about a week awak from TOM which is major craving time for me. It seems better this month and I'm trying to keep it in check.

I've been using the LIVESTRONG website to track calories this week. Go to The Daily Plate to record your meals. At first it took me a while to figure it out and enter stuff, but I'm getting faster each day. It keeps a list of foods you've entered before and which one's you use most frequently. Also does the same with your exercises, which you can record pretty much anything. I'm pretty impressed with this site - oh, and it's FREE - gotta love that price. Not only does it track your calories but it tracks everything and you can analyze to your hearts content. So far I've been entering what I plan to eat for the day, then making adjustments based upon the totals - and if I make any changes I just update them at the end of the day. Very neat!!

Another new find, that I don't think I mentioned ... Almond Butter .... MmmMmmMmmm! I've wanted to try it for some time now and the other day they had it as a sample at the grocery store. Now, it's NOT peanut butter - not even close. And it's just straight almonds - no sugar, no salt, nothing. So the taste is rather different. But what a great source of protein and healthy fats - and I quite enjoy it. I've been spreading it on RYVITA SUNFLOWER SEEDS & OATS CRACKERS and celery. In comparison to regular peanut butter it's quite expensive, so once this jar is gone I may give a shot at making my own in the food processor. It's supposed to be quite simple.


Beautiful Mess said...

If you make the almond butter, post the recipe, please! I've tried it before and I really liked it. I doubt my family will enjoy it, they are so picky, but I will!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love almond butter! I have been eating lately FitNutz - its a powder peanut butter. It doesn't taste like regular peanut butter but it's better then eating high fat peanut butter! I need to get me a jar of almond butter, I haven't had it in awhile!