Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catch-up Time

Had a super, duper busy weekend and didn't even find time to blog. Here's a LONG post to catch it all up :)


Did a 60 min Abs, Butt & Thighs class. It was pretty good and the music was awesome (for a change). Love the instructor, but generally the music sucks. In the afternoon my house & a bunch of outstanding chores were clogging up my mind so I made a massive to-do list, then started to tackle it.

My eating was a little odd. My MIL makes freshly warmed buns almost every morning, served with an assortment of deli meat, cheese, jam, etc... they called me. Then I had to go into work for longer than expected and ended up not being home in time for lunch. My husband called and asked me to bring him some lunch from Wendy's, so I ended up getting a snack wrap for myself. Not the greatest, but could have been worse. Here's how it went:

Breakfast - 2 buns, 2 sl salami, 2 sl ham, 1 tsp blackberry jam
Lunch - Wendy's Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap (yes, the crispy one, grr)
Afternoon Snack - All Bran Bar
Dinner - Small La Tortilla Factory Wrap, 2 spicy chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, red onion, hot sauce, 8 baked french fries
Evening Snack - 2 small homemade low-fat banana muffins w/margarine and 4 oz. wine

Total points 28 - less 4 AP = 24/21


Saturday I did yard work ALL day! My husband is working 7 days a week 13-16 hours a day, which leaves the yard to me. My son worked with him this weekend too. So I put my daughter in charge of cleaning the house and I tackled the yard. I mowed. I trimmed bushes. I weeded. I planted about 300 plants. I raked. I swept. And at the end of the day I could barely move. I worked in the yard from 10am until after 7pm and I swear I sweated all day long.

In the morning though I decided to give my husband a nice family breakfast and made homemade waffles with strawberries & whip cream. I was very proud of myself that I only had 1/2 of a waffle with about 2 tblpsn whip cream. In the past I've eaten 1 and a half, or even 2 of these suckers! I found that 1/2 was enough. Alot of bready type foods and very few veggies. I was just too busy and wasn't prepared.

Saturday morning was also my at home weigh in. I was down 1.4 lbs from last week.

Here is how Saturday went on the menu front:

Breakfast - 1/2 waffle, strawberries, whip cream
Lunch/Snack - (spread out throughout the day) 2 & 1/2 banana muffins with butter, stewed rhubarb w/1 tsp whipping cream
Dinner - 2 sl Rye Bread with European Bologna, 2/3 c. broccoli soup
Evening Snack - 8 nacho chips, 4 oz. wine

Total points 24 - assuming I earned at least 8 AP


Sunday morning I got up early and went for my first run of the week. Met my friends and we went on a trail I'd never done before. It was beautiful, but definitely in an area I'd only run in a group. We did 9K, fairly slow, and my foot felt great.

After I came home I once again attacked the yard with more mowing, weeding, sweeping, organizing ..... about 7 hours worth. Got a bit of a sunburn on my back too.

The menu was:

Breakfast - Red River Cereal
Post-run snack - Grocery store banana muffin
Lunch - 1 sl Rye Bread, European Bologna, pear
Dinner - 2 very thin small pieces of pizza and a large 'Mexican' salad with lettuce, black beans, tomato, red onion, salsa, teeny bit of shredded cheddar and 1 tblspn light ranch dressing mixed with Louisiana Hot Sauce with lime (mmm, so good)


Monday was a holiday here. My MIL was in a craft sale at our local parade. So my son & I rode our bikes down there to check it out (27Km return with some steep hills on the return). It was a grey, drizzly day, but the ride was still nice. I love getting out and doing things like that with the kids. After we got back I took both kids and a friend of each of theirs and we drove back down there again. The parade was over, but we all got a Gelato (Mmmmmm!). It ended up being a bit of a sweets day. My fridge is pretty bare and the produce store was closed for the holiday so we don't have much selection for fruits/vegetables in the house.

This was yesterday:

Breakfast - red river cereal
Morning snack - Cranberry Flax Bar (these are from my favourite 'tea house' and are SOO good)
Lunch - 2 sl. Rye bread with chicken
Afternoon Snacks - Grapefruit & Lime Gelato on a waffle cone (OMG Mmmm), oreo cookie & 2 thin german gingerbread type cookies (just a little sweetness, haha)
Dinner - 1/2 cup fettucine with pesto sauce & chicken, large salad with soy & ginger dressing, 1 bun with butter

Total points - 27 (sounds like more but I checked it twice)


Breakfast - Banana loaf (it's almost gone)
Lunch - Broccoli soup at hand (they're good), flax bun, pear, satsuma orange
Afternoon Snack - more banana bread (I've told my husband to finish it, whatever is left in the morning hits the garbage
Dinner - Protein shake with yoghurt & frozen berries

Exercise - Outdoor bootcamp with the really tough instructor - I can't wait!

Total points - 22

I don't think I've been consuming enough dairy products in the last few days, nor fruits/veggies.


syl said...

reading your post made me want muffins and banana bread :-)
so many good things. this is why I can't bake banana bread because once it's made I eat until it's gone, what I mean is not in one sitting but I work it in everyday, not always a good thing!
Sounds like a nice busy weekend.

To answer your question, we had a little bit of white stuff on the ground, more frost i think, but I can't wait for it to warm up already!

Tiffany said...

Wow, sounds like a very busy weekend.

Good job on the loss!