Monday, May 11, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Had a great weekend. My baby boy turned 15 yesterday. I can't believe I have a child that is 15! I swear I'm far too young for that. LOL. He's never been into birthday parties so we didn't really do anything. He chose pizza for dinner and his number one thing he had to have for his birthday was a DQ ice cream cake. Unfortunately for me, when we went to pick it up they had a special "free sundaes" for Mom's - so I got one for me as well as my son & daughter. I must say it was VERY good. I only had one very thin slice of pizza (on multigrain crust) and some bean soup for dinner, but I did have a slice of the ice cream cake and the sundae. Went over on points, but not too horribly considering the amount of exercise I got in this weekend.

Saturday I went for a 14K run with a couple friends. We took a slightly different route than we normally do and I made one of my friends do this killer steep hill TWICE! It took everything we had to run the whole thing without stopping, but we did it. Then on the return run we did Fartleks. Those were tough and each one definitely got harder, but I can totally see how that would improve your running. We're tossing around the idea of doing a half marathon this fall and I can't believe I'm feeling kind of excited about that.

Went to a BBQ Saturday night and did a bunch of yardwork over the weekend. Today it's pissing rain again which will give me a chance to stick indoors and cath up on housework. It will also keep me on the treadmill so I can get around to trying out my new shoes. :)

Today's planned menu....

Breakfast - Red River Cereal (I didn't know this product was only available in Canada - hmmmm, finally something that is awesome and only we can brag about)

Lunch - Veggies & homemade hummus (it turned out pretty good, though I want it spicier next time - used small amounts of cumin, cayenne, crushed red pepper & black pepper), homemade Navy Bean Soup (I made a big pot and will probably have this multiple times this week)

Afternoon Snack - Banana & Yoghurt

Dinner - Tequila Lime Chicken Thighs & Asian Noodle Salad

Evening Snack - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (this will be instead of leftover ice cream cake, I can only justify that for one day. May as well leave the indulgent calories to my skinny mini family)

Total Points - 21

Exercise - 30 min run on the treadmill, 30-45 min weights

Tonight is TV night. I'll be checking out the Canucks game (hoping they don't lose, but not expecting any miracles) and watching One Tree Hill (my fav show), maybe Gossip Girl too if my workout is done.

UPDATE: I used chicken breast instead of thighs for dinner. The recipe was a little bland in my opinion. I can think of better uses of the Tequila. I didn't make the topping she suggested, so maybe that's what makes it. In my opinion this was just OK chicken, tender, but not much in the way of flavour.

I also substituted my afternoon snack with a handful of pretzels and a 1/2" slice (at the most) of ice cream cake. Not nearly as healthy, but similar in calories. Just heading down to the gym to get my workout in.


syl said...

I too had a little ice cream cone yesterday, but hey it was our day right??
Thanks for your comments about the run. it was very exciting and I think the time was good for my first one, it gave me the confidence to know that I can do it. Can't wait for the next one!
I too hope to inspire to a half marathon sometime maybe next year. I can't believe I love to run!
Enjoy your day inside, looks like tomorrow we will be getting your rain!
Oh and love the shoes and skirt! Didn't know they made runners skirts, how cute is that!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm... skinny cows are my downfalls....