Friday, May 22, 2009

Other than being sick it was a good day!

The dentist went pretty good. For the first hour she wouldn't get in the chair, but she actually shared quite a bit of information with the dental assistant - which is huge - normally she ignores them quite well. After an hour the assistant asked if she could "help" her into the chair. She neither accepted or rejected, so the woman picked her up and placed her in the chair, then she accepted the nitrous and they got down to business. Unfortunately for her, they found she had 2 adult teeth coming down and from the xrays they could tell that the baby teeth would have to be pulled, they would not fall out. But I was surprised that afterwards she wasn't mad about that. In total we were there 2 1/2 hours, but for 1/2 of that they were working on her, or she was in some state with the nitrous. Progress!

As for me, the scale budged this morning!!! :) Tomorrow is my official weigh in so I'll wait and see how that goes and report then. I'm thinking of riding my bike to a meeting tomorrow morning as I have to do a meeting WI for the month too.

Today's eating was a bit unplanned, but it worked out:

Breakfast - Red River Cereal with Mixed berries (YUM) (3)
Snack - Fresh juice of apple, celery, carrot & beet (the idea courtesy of Eat, Live, Run - thank you!) It was very, very good and I will make this again. Have never used an uncanned beet before. I could eat a raw one as a snack even. (2?)
Late Lunch - vegetable soup, La Tortilla Wrap with hummus (6)
Dinner - 1/4 thin crust Ristorante Spinach Pizza, assorted fruit (7)
Snack - Plain air popped popcorn with becel butter spray (2)

Total - 20 points

Exercise - Nothing, other than wandering around the mall for 2 hours and watering the gardens (we do have a rather large garden and it involved trekking a number of hoses back and forth)

I find it's getting easier to stay around my points target now. I haven't been having those 30-40+ occassional days. And I'm making sure to record every bite, even if it's not what I think is ideal. If it goes in it counts right?!!!

Still feeling pretty sick. I should probably be in bed right now and will head there in a moment. Had a brief nap on the couch this evening, but not nearly long enough as I had to get out to the gardens.


Susan said...

Sorry your not feeling well :( . Hopefully with enough rest and some self-care you will feel better soon !

Can't wait to read the results of you weigh in ! Good luck ! (but I am sure you don't need it , hard work shows ! )

syl said...
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syl said...

I hope that the scale that moved keeps on moving for you. you deserve it!
Good luck to you, can't wait to hear about it!
**sorry about post above, to early in the morning and to many spelling errors :-)
oh and P.s. Hope you feel better soon, get some well deserved rest!