Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh cranky day!!!!!!

I got up at 6am this morning and the day hasn't improved from there. I'm still a bit stuffed up from my cold, but the worst part is my right eye has been running non-stop all day. I'm cranky as all hang and can't count the number of people I have thought are morons - though I'm sure it's mostly me, or maybe my tolerance level is just really, really low today.

Also got an e-mail this morning from my son's soccer coach saying they are doing tryouts in 2 days. Gee, thanks for the notice. There's only going to be one team in his age group, plus they already decided what division they're playing in anyway. So it's completely useless. He's outgrown his men's size 12 cleats that he was wearing 2 months ago, so this means we have to go today to buy new cleats. There's another $200 or so I wasn't expecting. If he outgrows the 13's between now and the fall I will chop off his toes. The stupidity of it all amazes me.

Here was today's menu:

Breakfast - Red River Cereal (2)
Snack - 2 c. watermelon & cornbread (5)
Lunch - Subway Chicken Breast Sandwich, Red & Orange Peppers (7)
Dinner - cornbread & watermelon (8)

Total - 22 points

Exercise - nothing, missed bootcamp and fell asleep on the couch, going to bed now at 8:45pm

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syl said...

I'm cranky today my friend and it has resulted in 6 FULL garbage bags of my boys toys, and I have just put a small dent into it! Nothing ticks me off more than mess! I of course did while the oldest was at school (smart I know)
anyways that's my vent for the day, hope you are having a better day today!oh and Nutella with a spoon! never thought of that....Just kidding!