Saturday, May 23, 2009

Temptations not an issue

Had a fun day. Took my daughter shopping where we met with 3 of her friends and one of their Mom's. I had met this Mom briefly before and she seemed nice. We ended up having a really nice day. I'm not one for shopping, but this was a good group of girls and I really enjoyed everyone's company. We spent 6 hours in the mall!! ACK - that's gotta be a record for me.

I almost caved to the food court offerings. I eyed the greasy chinese stand, then considered taco bell. Finally settled on a small sub sandwich on a heavy multigrain roll. I could have had salad but I knew it wouldn't satisfy me as I was quite hungry. Almost got a zero calorie iced tea too, but ... instead made the better choice and got water. Later on we hit up a Starbucks (or Fivebucks as my sister calls it - hahha) and I talked myself out of a Chai Tea Latte and instead just got black tea which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After shopping the girls caught a movie and I went and did some much needed grocery shopping. But, I was getting pretty hungry and I knew grocery shopping would be dangerous if I went in there starving. So I went to Tim Horton's and got a soup and a whole wheat roll with another cup of tea. I LOVE their English Toffee Cappucino but it's so sweet and high in calories.

I did cave a bit and end up with a few swedish berries (my evil candy of choice), but I made sure to get a very small amount and I waited until I'd picked up my daughter again so we could share.

My husband said he wants to go running tomorrow morning. He'll leave me in the dust I'm sure, but it will still be fun to go together. I love it when he comes along.


syl said...

Heidi you did so great, so many tempations and you made them thru them all. A few swedish berries are ok, you deserve them for making fantastic choices all day. Way to go!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

YAY for making it through the food court! Them places are dangerous!