Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got a Butt Kickin'!

Last night I had outdoor bootcamp. My instructor is away this week and we had another lady. She is TOUGH! We did not stop moving for the entire hour.

We'd sprint across this huge field, do 50 squats, sprint back, do 20 overhead presses - then, unless you were the last person back, you had to do high knee running or butt kicks until they got back. We also did sets of 25 walking lunges, 10 burpees, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups - sprint across the field - then repeat it all again. Plus she'd put 2 minutes of straight hi intensity cardio in between these other sets. My heart rate was way up there the entire time. But I love it - heheee.

I have another class with her tonight.

Here's today's meal plan:

Breakfast - Red River Cereal (2)
Lunch - Orange & red peppers, Small La Tortilla Factory Hi Fibre Wrap with Almond Butter & Strawberry/Rhubarb jam, Pear (5)
Afternoon Snack - Apple, 1 oz. cheddar cheese (4)
Dinner - skinless chicken drumstick, broccoli sauted in olive oil & garlic (3)
Post-Workout - Protein Smoothie with yoghurt & frozen berries (7)

Total Points - 21

Exercise - 60 min Bootcamp class


syl said...

your post made me tierd!
sounds like one heck of a workout!
thanks for your comment today, you put a smile on my face...tomorrow I'm trying something new...stay tuned LOL!

Tiffany said...

Wow, that workout sounds intense. It scares me a little. :)

syl said...

Thanks heidi!
No beach unfortunately, but I looked cute dropping off my son at school today LOL!
The top is one my son picked out, he's a fan of pink just like his mommy, he's daddy is not overly happy about that LOL!