Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG Yesterday was SO much fun. Went out with the family and some great friends. We took 2 double seater ATVs and 4 dirtbikes and went up some backroads. What a gorgeous fall day and so wonderful to be out with friends, family & fresh air! It was my son's first time out on the trails on a dirtbike and he had two crashes, one where he got pretty banged up. He was taking it easy but experience can sometimes be a bit expensive to obtain. Got in quite a bit of activity though because there was lots of technical areas where most of us had to get off and hike up the steep, rocky terrain (even the dog ☺). Poor hubby bore the brunt of it as he had to keep running down the mountain and bring up the bikes for those of us who didn't have the ability to do so.

I also dragged my butt out of bed early in the morning and went out for a long jog/walk. It was SO foggy, but lots of people were out and I actually really enjoyed myself. I didn't connect with my running girls in time and they had gone to another location, so I was by myself.

I'm really struggling with a few things that I have been pondering. I've been working out - ALOT! I'm not complaining, I quite enjoy it and I really do feel so much better when I'm exercising regularily. And my eating, while far from 100% really hasn't been horrible overall. Yet I'm not losing weight. I've been bouncing within a 4 lb range for a good 6 weeks now. I've had some really bad days, sometimes a couple in a row. But overall it's been decent and I should be at least losing a little. I'm really not sure what is going on.

It's got me thinking that maybe I need to look a bit more at what I'm eating. Maybe it's that I'm not getting enough protein. On my "off" days I know I'm getting very little, if any, protein and no milk (another high protein food). And I've been doing alot of weight bearing activities lately, so maybe I'm not feeding my muscles properly. I'm definitely feeling the effects of my exercise. And I can't buy into the argument that I've gained muscle which weighs more - because I'm not noticing any real change in how my clothing fits, in fact some things I think are a bit tighter. I'm definitely retaining water, every day I have deep grooves at my sock lines. Yet I'm drinking lots of water and I don't think I've changed anything with sodium intake.

It just gets so frustrating at times, though I'm nowhere even close to consider giving up and returning to old habits. Even if I'm not losing weight, I'm not gaining, and I feel great!

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