Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stayed OP today - yeah!!! Was pretty busy too though so it wasn't exactly hard. We're refinishing our garage and I had to screw on the cedar boards. My one arm is so sore - from fingers to the entire shoulder. DS had a soccer game this morning too and came SO close to scoring a good goal - he's just starting to play forward after many years in defense.

I was really proud of myself for part of yesterday. I was busy doing my OAMC in the morning/early afternoon. Then DH called up some friends and invited them over to play Scrabble last night. So my plans to work out in the evening were shot. But ... rather than just let it go at that, I dragged (yes, literally dragged) my butt downstairs and hopped on that treadmill. Though, what an awful workout.

Usually I enjoy working out. Sometimes I hate the first few minutes, but then I get going and I remember what I love about it. But yesterday I just couldn't get there. I cursed every step I took, hating every second - but knowing that I needed it. I managed to get 30 min of running and 45 walking - so I guess it was OK.

Bad thing about yesterday was DH bought these Butter Toffee peanuts and they kept finding their way into my hands. At something like 250 calories per 1/3 cup it was pretty ugly. I swore off of them today though.

Tomorrow we're hoping to go out with some friends on our ATVs and dirtbikes, which will be alot of fun AND a non-food activity! Gotta love those. And I'll do my Sunday morning run with the girls too. That should keep me away from mindless snacking for the day. Let's hope for good weather tomorrow!!

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