Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Been having some great OP days lately, unfortunately the other days are so OFF OP that I don't even want to think about them. It really is important for me to journal everything, EVERYday!

I've prepared my written journal for every day for the next week and really don't want to leave any ugly, empty pages. I've also pre-planned my exercise for the week as our mini challenge is to get at least 30 min every day. So here's what I have planned:

Tue - 30 min running & 30 min walking on treadmill
Wed - 60 min Boot Camp class
Thu - 30 min running on treadmill & 30 min weights
Fri - 60 min Abs, Butt & Thighs class & 30-60 min walk (hopefully outdoors if weather is OK)
Sat - 30 min run on treadmill & 60 min walk outdoors
Sun - 90 min hike up local mountain or running with group (hoping for the mountain)
Mon - 60 min Bodysculpt class (if it's on) & 30 min walk on treadmill

Even though I have the gym at home, I'm finding that taking the fitness classes pushes me a little bit harder to do things I might avoid when working out on my own. I'm really hoping that our running group goes hiking this weekend. It may be one of the last weekends that the trail is open for this year as the frost/snow could be coming soon.

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