Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Someone ... please ... shoot me! I can not believe I gained again this week and am officially just over my starting weight from a challenge I started 8 weeks ago. This is insane! My journal is 100%! I get tons of APs! I've checked, and rechecked my points/journal/APs to make sure I'm not missing something. I'm not undereating either. As far as I can tell I am a WW's poster child right now. And if my measurements mean anything I haven't gained muscle and lost fat. Though I didn't check my body fat from beginning to now - mostly because in that aspect I believe my scale is a liar and very inaccurate.

So VERY frustrating!!!!

Anyhow, did a nice long walk with a friend last night while our boys were at soccer. Walked with her for about an hour and when she had enough I continued walking by myself for another hour. Weather was so nice for a fall night!

Also, my husband picked up 20 lbs of chicken yesterday so when I got home from work I took all the skin off the drumsticks, chopped up some of the chicken breast tenders into stir-fry pieces, and washed up the remaining - then packaged them all up into seperate baggies with varying marinades and stuck them in a freezer. For under $30 I put together 10 (or maybe 11) meals. Gotta love that price!! Made some of my homemade teriyaki -mmm so good and put that in a bunch of them, plus fajita marinade, sundried tomato, spicy thai chili, & honey garlic. My son wants me to do ribs too in the teriyaki.

Have to make some more bread tonight too! Look at me - Miss Domestic :).

So looking forward to lunch today. I love Subway's roasted chicken breast salad (and sandwich), especially with the honey mustard dressing - mmmm. I had leftover grilled chicken so this morning I chopped it up, along with all the salad fixings - and I mixed up a batch of honey mustard dressing using fat free mayo (mmm - so good). I can't wait for lunch!!

Trying hard to ignore the scale reading from this morning and move forward. I did avoid going on it for most of last week and even though that didn't work for me for this weigh in, I think I'll try it for this whole week and see how it goes. I'm getting desperate to try anything - haha.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

honey..do u go to meetings?

if so, please bring your journal into your leader..

are you measuring everything again before eating it? 3 oz of chicken breast get bigger and bigger as time goes on lol!!

*hugs* babe, i hate when the scale doesn't show you what it SHOULD.


Heidi said...

Thanks Lisa. Done meetings off & on for about 7 years now. I was starting to question my portions so really focused this last week on double checking everything and making sure my measurements weren't growing on me.

I'm thinking I could probably chop off part of my left arm - surely I could manage without it - HAHA!!