Thursday, January 29, 2009

I feel better today, but I have no voice :( It sucks! But I made it to Boot Camp last night, and I ran on the treadmill afterwards. Also went to my monthly weigh in at weight watchers today so that I don't have to pay for a missed meeting. Fully clothed I was 155.6

Had a yummy chicken wrap doused in hot wing sauce with lime last night - yum! So easy to wrap up a bunch of veggies, chicken & sauce. Quick, healthy, light dinner. I just wish the wraps that are so much lower in points weren't also so much more expensive.

Tonight I want to run on the track again. Hopefully the rain holds off and I'm feeling strong enough. If the weather turns to crap I'll just workout at home. I could probably use some upper body weights too since we didn't do alot of that at class last night.

I have a 5K run coming up on Feb 8th. I'd really like to do it in about 26 minutes. I think that's possible, but it's my first "race" so I have no idea how it will go. I've run outdoors lots but I've never timed myself over a distance, and it's alot different than running on a treadmill, or even a track.


Ashlee Wetherington said...

i love to eat my friends :)
haha. that's what i get for blogging at work, my mind isn't always there!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

wow, a 26min 5K. I am so jealous! I am currently running a 34 and some odd seconds 5K. I am hoping to get under 30minutes by April. Do you run on the treadmill? If so, can I ask the speed? I hope I can get to running it in under 30 and I hope you can do yours in 26.

From one scruffy voice to another, we can do it! HEHE...

Lisa said...

you blow me away! wow!!!

LMAO! here i was bragging that im doing 3miles (5K) in 57 minutes


and you are like one of those cold medicine ads..the one that says "you think a runny nose will stop me?" and you see her swimming etc.. You ROCK!

Heidi said...

Jen - On the treadmill I can comfortably run at 6mph (which is a 30 min 5K). Though I'm starting to get to be good at 6.5mph pushing once in a while to 7.0

I did an outdoor trial run today over 5K and did it in 27 minutes. Last time on the treadmill was 27:12 so I was surprised to have done it in about the same time outdoors. I've always heard you run faster on a treadmill. Huh!!

Heidi said...

Lisa - I'm am SO not the Advil woman. I despise that commercial - what an awful way to spread germs, swimming in a pool while sick. But, if I don't feel weak then I still work out. I actually feel it clears congestion better than anything.

And don't worry about your time. You should be proud of yourself. It's all relative to where you've come from and where you're going. I've been running steady for over a year now too.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

HEIDI!!! Are you alive? I hope the cold didn't knock you down for this long and instead of blogging, you found yourself on a beach somewhere...or at least relaxing anyways. HA! Ok, in all seriousness...just stopping by to see how your doing! Hope your staying healthy!