Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 Goals

Last night it was back to Boot Camp - WAHOO I LOVE that class. I wish I could do it at least 3 or 4 times a week (hmm maybe I wouldn't love it so much then). This seems like a really fun group too. There's about 1/2 of the group from last time and then some new ladies who were having so much fun.

She divided us up into groups of 3 last night and I was so happy to be put with the 2 other most competitive people in the class - our one and only guy and a super fit girl. The 3 of us have been in the same class for a while and we're always super competitive with each other. So it was great to be with them as we pushed each other alot harder.

I've set myself some goals for 2009:

* 20 consecutive big girl push-ups
* run 10km under 1 hour
* run the entire Ft to Ft non stop (about 14 km)
* climb the Grouse Grind in 50 minutes or less
* eat fish at least once a week

If I can surpass any of my fitness goals by the end of June then I will reevaluate and change as necessary.

Tonight is fish night. I'm making a recipe from one of my WW's books. They call it Easy Crusty Cod, but I've adapted it and call it Crusty Citrus Sole :). It's sole fillets (super thin, no bones!) top with a mix of flour, milk, olive oil, lemon & lime juice & cayenne pepper, then sprinkle with a bit of bread crumbs & green onion and bake in the oven. I'm not a huge fish fan but this is so good, quick and simple. So far I haven't been able to under or overcook the fish so it's a good one for me. I'm a bit freaky that my fish is fully cooked without getting tough.

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Lisa aka water_nymph said...

wow! those are some fabulous goals which i just KNOW you can and will achieve!!