Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They changed it!

Can you believe it? I drove home yesterday and McDonald's changed their sign. WAHOOO!!! Someone from there MUST read my blog - aaah haa haaaaa - don't you think?? It now is advertising some kind of chicken wrap or something and somehow that's not as appealing. Ahhh, so much better. So nice that they could do that for me - lol!

Trying to get over some flu/cold thingy here. Can't believe this is the 4th time I've been sick since the beginning of December - 3 colds/flu and one stomach bug. It sucks! I thought I was all healthy and everything. It's been going through the whole extended family too.

Boot camp tonight and I hope I'm able to go. I hate to miss it.

My dear sister and her family are coming to visit tomorrow. They live about 8 hours drive away so we only get to see each other a few times a year if we're lucky. I sure hope they have an uneventful drive on the winter roads. But I know they're more used to driving on snowy roads and my BIL will be careful, I'm sure of that.

I haven't planned meals in a couple days because I'm just completely lacking energy. I really need to figure out what I have and do some planning.

Here's hoping that I'm better - soon!!


Scale Junkie said...

A few years ago I had the flu like that where it just never fully went away and kept coming back. I hope you kick it out for good this time. Enjoy your visit with your sister and her family.

Lisa said...

kick that flu out the door and have a fab time with your sister!!

p.s. so glad mcd's changed their sign "for you"