Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ugh, I'm getting sick - again! I'm hoping this one is just a short lived flu. Upset stomach, massive headache, chills/sweats, weakness. GRRR, I don't have time for this right now. It's my husband's 40th birthday party this weekend and I have a ton to do to get ready.

Went on Sunday and ran the track and the stairs again - with a couple of running buddies. The track was frozen in some areas so it was a bit dicey, but it's still such a great workout.

I had a moment yesterday of hope for the future. My daughter has never been one for exercise, though she's slim and active. Just anything that could be called "exercise" rather than just fun does not fit the bill for her. Once she made a comment about not liking running because it makes her heart beat - hahaha - she was pretty young. I've always hoped that one day she'd venture to the other side and I dream of a day that maybe her & I can do some active things together. My son is pretty active and much more likely to go on hikes or jogs, or lift weights with me. But yesterday, my daughter voluntarily chose to go down to the gym and run on the treadmill and I think she did some sit-ups. Not sure what prompted this, but it gives me hope that one day maybe she'll take a class with me, or go climb a mountain or something.

As for my last WI, I wasn't able to record a WI for this past Friday. My scale seems to be having a hormonal meltdown and I can't get the same reading from it twice in a row. In fact, I can't even get the same reading twice at all. Out of a dozen times (or so, yeah I'm addicted) it was showing me up to 3.2 lbs down for the week or up to 1.6 up for the week. I believe I was down, but still could not get an accurate number so have to forfeit recording the weight.

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