Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun Run Training Begins

So my sister has agreed to run the 10K Sun Run with me in April. I'm apprehensive about being out in such a massive group of people (I'm not a crowd person), but I'm kind of excited about it. Her DH is coming too, and as of today my DH and my DS have both said they're going to run it - as well as at least one of my running ladies. It should be fun.

We had a party last night for my DHs 40th birthday. I think it was a pretty good success. I rarely ever have days where I forget to eat. I mean, come on ... seriously! Who FORGETS to eat??? I may forget my cell phone. I often forget birthdays. But eating?? That is one thing I never forget. But ... yesterday was one of those days. I had a ton to do and by the time guests were arriving and I cracked my first cider, I realized all I'd eaten was a small bowl of yoghurt in the morning. Then, I still really didn't eat much during the party, but I did drink. This morning wasn't pretty - hahaha. But, I survived and the party went well.

I'm having an issue with my camera, but if I can get it resolved I'll post a couple of pics from the party. I wore a new shirt that is completely different from any style I've ever worn. Got tons of compliments, so that felt fantastic. And I think that even as I lose more weight it will still look even better.

We're starting up a new challenge on the WWs board and I'm going to give being a leader a shot. Eeek!!! Never done that before. Sure hope I don't disappoint.

Well, I'm off to go check out DHs training :)

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Congrats on getting signed up to do the 10K! I'm in aww - I just signed up to do my first 5K but 10K seems to be so much more intimidating! Have fun with the training!!