Friday, January 9, 2009

Yo-Yo Week

This week has sure been a yo-yo week on the scale. The first two days in I saw almost a 1 lb loss each day, then I had a meltdown and it went up 3 or more and it's bounced all over the place. Though since that initial gain I've been up all week from last Friday. This morning was my recordable weigh in and I had no idea what I'd see, and expected to have a gain to record.

But NOPE! I'm down 0.4 and I'll take it!

Went to Walmart last night and they had my favourite All Bran Guardian cereal on sale last night. I love that stuff but it's so expensive for a tiny box. 2 pts per cup and full of fibre. I got the Cinnamon flavoured one. So cute with the little hearts in it (I'm a sucker!).
All Bran & Special K were all on sale, the Special K was gone - wiped out - and I got the last 3 boxes of this All Bran. Good timing too because I was needing a change from my daily oatmeal. I love it, but it's good to mix it up a bit.

Off to my son's ortho today. Hoping they'll say he can get his braces off soon. He's had them just over a year but they suggested last time that he's close. I hope so.

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