Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Successful Shopping

I can't believe it, another successful shopping day!! WAHOOOO

At Christmas my parents gave us some money and I set aside my portion to renew my closet. Thank goodness because it is badly in need of refilling. A while ago I went through my drawers and got rid of alot of clothes that were too small, too big, too outdated... Then last weekend I did the same to my closet and now it is essentially bare. It went from full (overfull) to maybe 1/3 full, and half of what is left are clothes that have memories for me and I'm not willing to part with - as well as a couple things that I think are too big but I have to try on before getting rid of.

This morning was great! I tried on a couple things that I found buried in my closet and now have a renewed pair of jeans (not the greatest, but they'll do) and 2 new pairs of dress pants. One pair of pants I bought a while ago with the hopes of getting into them. Today they fit! Well!!! YAHOO!

At lunch I had to go to the mall to return an item I'd bought for my daughter, and somehow left there with a pair of pants, a skirt, and the most wonderful pair of calf hugging black heeled boots that come up to a couple inches below my knees. They were EXACTLY what I was looking for. The skirt I wasn't even going to buy. I just put it on to see how it would look with the boots as I have a similar skirt already. But it looked so good I just had to buy it. It was $25 - but when I went through the till, it came up at $12.50. Can't beat that!!!!

I never have success shopping. Usually it depresses me. Especially since I have short legs, but just a tad too long for petite length. So pants are always many inches too long and never truly look good in the store. I've e-mailed a lady I know who does alterations and I'm actually going to get all my "new" pants adjusted to the proper length.

And the best news of all ....... I'm almost down another size. Close enough that the pants I bought I got in the smaller size because the bigger one was too baggy and the smaller one was just a bit snug. Those will be my next goal pants - lol. The skirt I got was the smaller size too! Ahhhhhhh, that sure feels great.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

Congratulations!!! Awesome NSV!!! And way to go on the bargains!!

I am at that in between stage..fat clothes are too big, still fat but next size down clothes too snug. I can't wait to HAVE to shop lol!!

thanks for the inspiration!!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

WAHOO!!! Congrats on the smaller size! Your already so healthy and doing awesome! I love your idea of "goal pants" - it's so much better then a number on the scale. (okay, easier for me to say then believe...I'm embarressed.)