Monday, September 21, 2009

20 Day Results = plbbbtttttt


Not so happy with these results.  I see some of the other shredders having amazing inch loss and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.  It's disheartening to be working so hard and seeing so little.  But I'm sticking it out and hoping that Level 3 will kick something into gear.

I've taken pics but I'm not posting them until the end.

Here's the changes & goal recaps:

WEIGHT - Day 1...148.00....... Day 10....147.6 .... Day 20 ....149.4 (up 1.8 this week, up 1.4 overall)


Chest - Day 1...38".........Day 10...36.5"......Day 20...36.25" (down .25" this week, 1.75" overall)
Waist - Day 1...33.75" ...Day 10...33.5"......Day 20...33.25"  (down .25" this week, .5" overall) (at bellybutton)
..........- Day 1...30.75"....Day 10 ...30.25"...Day 20...30.5"   (up .25" this week, down 0.25" overall)   (at narrowest)
Hips   - Day 1...38".........Day 10...38"..........Day 20...37"     (down 1", down 1" overall)
Thigh - Day 1...22".........Day 10...22" ........Day 20...22"      (no change)   (at widest - left thigh)
Arm   - Day 1...12.25"....Day 10...11.75"....Day 20...11.75" (no change this week, down 0.5" overall)   (at widest - just under armpit)

Day 1-10 Change - Down 2.75"
Day 11-20 Change - Down 1.25"
Overall - Down 3" (whoops, thanks Syl) - 4"


Day 11-20 Recap
♥ Be 144 or less by Oct 1st - Sep 21st goal 145.6 - not even close
♥ Reduce measurements at bellybutton & thighs - not even close
♥ Shred every day - done
♥ Run 7 out of 10 days - only ran 5 days, but exercised every day
♥ Track my food EVERY SINGLE DAY  - done

Day 21-30 Plan
♥ Be 144 or less by Oct 1st (hmmm, can I lose 5.4 lbs in the next 10 days)
♥ Reduce measurements at bellybutton & thighs
♥ Shred every day AT LEAST ONCE
♥ Run min 395 minutes
♥ Track my food EVERY SINGLE DAY
♥ Reduce sugar even further, increase protein


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

3 inches? You lost 3 inches in 20 days and your not happy? I wish I was closer so I could smack you. have stuck with this for 20 days! Do you know how many people are reading this thinking "wow, wish I could stick with this for 20 days" or "wow, wish I could lose 3 inches."

:) Heidi, You are doing great - the scale may not move but you are losing inches. That means more then the stupid scale anyways!!!

P.S. Don't worry, I wouldn't smack you hard... just a silly smack!

Syl said...

Actually Heidi, you addition is wrong - you actually lost 4 inches :-) and that my friend is nothing to be ashamed of! You have done this and committed to it and to me that's success on it's own.
I feel bad for posting my results, i think the shred just really likes me for what ever reason, possibly because all I ever do it CARDIO! Either way Heidi, stick with it, and honestly I see a difference in your photos that you just posted with Heike. you look amazing my friend.

So just like Jen said....snap out of it or I'm gonna SMACK you ...."lightly" because you're alot TALLER than me :0)

chin up girl, you are doing amazing!

Tamara said...

I understand your disappointment Heidi. Good for you for sticking it out though! I will cross my fingers for us that Day 30 brings us closer to where we want to be.

I didn't take my measurements. I totally forgot. I will do that tonight and post tomorrow.

Hang in there!

Missy said...

You are doing great - and you look great. I think since you are already a skinny hot mama your body is going to fight you for those inches and pounds (and least that's my thought). Keep at it and you will see results.

And you have really good HEALTHY goals. Remember that's the real deal - developing and living a healthy lifestyle. You are taking care of your body and that is what's the most important.

Still can't wait to see the results and pics after day 30!

Susan said...

Those stats sound like progress to me ! I understand it, because I am the same way , but I am going to say it anyway ......... you are way too hard on yourself ! Do you look in the mirror? Don't you see what amazing shape your in ? I think you are the only one who doesn't see it ! YOU LOOKED AMAZING BEFORE SHREDDING !!!!! (sorry to yell ) and you look amazing now !

skinny me! said...

Heidi, don't worry! You look awesome. I just saw that sidebar pic of you...SMOKIN!!! Hell maybe you just don't have the inches to lose?

Bare It All said...

Your stats look amazing...especially since you are already in amazing shape and run so much. Be proud of yourself! You are shredding like a fiend...