Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carb Crazy

WOW, Yesterday was a day like I haven't had in a long time.  I went absolutely CARB CRAZY!

Sure alot of it was whole grain, but still, it was rather excessive. 

Whole grain cereal for breakfast.  A flaxseed bun, AND whole wheat pasta at lunch.  Another flaxseed bun in the afternoon (they are SOOO good).  All Bran Guardian cereal for dinner (yeah it was one of those days).  Followed by a couple whole grain crackers with cheese.

I easily could have downed a huge bucket of plain air popped popcorn as well, but I was starting to feel like I would burst so I held off.

It's not like I've been severly cutting back on them so I'm not quite sure what prompted that.  I'm one who believes that good, healthy carbs are necessary fuel for hard workouts.  But still, I definitely went overboard and felt like crap.

Today I did some better planning and am including more protein at each meal, plus some in between.  Maybe that's what was missing?

After my day long indulgence I went out for a run.  When I started I thought there was no way I'd manage more than 5 minutes.  My whole body felt like lead and I could feel all that food sinking me into the ground.  I told myself I'd muster through it for 15 min and see how I felt.

Well ... after 15 min my mind just clicked in and I got that wonderful feeling that I could just go on forever.  I found a great little subdivision with all these intermingling paths and it was so pleasant.  It was also HOT - 29°C (aka 84°F) at 6:00 in the evening.  After 50 minutes I definitely was a big sweaty mess afterwards.

Then ... I came home and did Level 3 of the shred.  Man that sure makes my heart rate fly through the roof.  My husband walked in just as I'd finished and found me crumpled on the floor, sweat literally dripping from my face.  Poor guy, I don't imagine it was the most attractive scene.


Tamara said...

LOL! I hope you drank lots of water yesterday. What a day!

I'll be thinking of you when I need inspiration to get back into the Shred after my run on Saturday. At this stage of the game, I highly doubt I'll be seeing my change by the time Sept 30 rolls around.

Syl said...

that will teach him to walk in on you :-)

Great job on the run and shred. I don't know about you but I feel STRONGER :-)

Missy said...

That sounds like my perfect day there - I love me some carbs!!

Good job pushing through and loving the run. Hope you have a great day today!

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i'm in the middle of an eat-everything-i-can-get-my-hands-on day. my mini bag of cheez-its was the worst thing. fruit, veggies and nuts aren't HORRIBLE to go crazy on, but if i'm full i should stop! your post clued me in, though: i need more protein. i thought about what i ate yesterday and this morning, and that's definitely what's lacking. THANKS!!!!

Fran said...

So maybe this wasn't a very good day concerning food but I'm so impressed with your running and doing the shred! Really wonder if I ever will have this displine.

Susan said...

I have those days too ! Oh well, maybe your body needed the extra carbs....who knows ! Your still amazing !