Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm away from the computer for most of the day, but I've been putting this post together for a little while now.  Some good reading (in my opinion)....


Often I come across certain posts that really stand out for me.  I've been thinking that I want to add a little section once in a while of NOTABLE POSTS.  These are posts that stick out for me, for whatever reason.

Here's what has struck me recently....

Pudget:  How To Eat At McDonalds - I love the part where she talks about being an influence on her daughters, especially this statement ...  "if they see Mommy eat the "unhealthy food" in moderation, every once in a while, they will hopefully realize that it is the way to do it." 

Prior Fat Girl:  Life is Unfair What a powerful thought here ... "There is a millisecond of thought that goes into every decision to binge or comfort feelings with food - millisecond, I swear. It's in this millisecond which you have the power to stop yourself."

Dancing Through Life: Who Do You Look Up To?   I believe that we all have the ability to choose our own destiny. That being said, I also think that the universe gives us the tools and influences we need to get there, including the people to guide us along the way. I know that these people were put in my life for a reason, but it was up to me to find them and let them in.  This is a bit of a scary thought for me.  While I agree with her, I have a hard time implementing it because I rarely let anyone in.  I hope one day I can find the strength and the courage to do that.

One Last Kick At The Cat:  Powering Through Frustration. Impatience. Indifference. Desperation. Disappointment. These are the just feelings. They are feelings that make sense. They don't define me. They aren't a reason to give up. If I expect that they will go away and never return I am fooling myself. I can't expect to feel 100% ON all the time just because I have made this commitment. But I can expect to cycle back through all the good emotions if I just stay the course.  Nothing to add .. couldn't have said it better myself.  Completely mirrors my thoughts.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

What a great idea - to compile some really great post's! I'm going to check out all of them!

Tamara said...

Thanks Heidi. When I started my blog I never thought it would be much more than a new place to dump my ramblings but it has turned into so much more. It makes me feel so grounded to know there are some really great, intelligent, motivated, accomplished women (like you!) who share my thoughts and feelings and struggles. :)

Missy said...

Thanks for the great posts! Those were all great and it was nice to find them in one place!

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Mind Power