Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shred - Day 8 - LEVEL TWO!

Holy crapoli ....... moved up to Level 2 last night.  Boy, oh boy, that was what the doctor ordered.  I see another member of our little challenge, Lori, also moved up yesterday and felt about the same way.

I had so much sweat dripping off me at one point I thought I'd stop and take a quick pic.  The beads of sweat don't seem to show up, but I promise you, they are there.  Running down my through my eyes.  There was a few times I wondered if it was still sweat or if it had turned to tears (OK, maybe not quite ... but it sounds dramatic, doesn't it???)

I look thoroughly impressed, don't I?

For me, Level 2 is a major shoulder workout.  She really targets those little muscles that I typically avoid disturbing at all cost.  I'm still using my 5lb weights, but there are parts where I had to put them down.  I refuse to stop, but definitely wanted to.  And there is one cardio move ... ummm, plank jumps or something ... those are HARD!

Unfortunately that is all I got done.  My plan was to also do a fitness class or run.  However I had to register my daughter for dance class, which I assumed would just take a few minutes.  Boy was I wrong!  Over an hour waiting in line!!  Grrrrr :(  Plus the drive into town and back.  Hopefully as soon as we get back into a schedule of some sort I'll find it easier to fit in my extra workouts.  I feel all off kilter right now with all the uncertainties.

Tonight my son has a soccer game and it's at a great location that has a ton of stairs.  While they're warming up I'm going to run the track and the stairs.  There is nothing like climbing a big grandstand to get your heart begging to be let out of your chest!

~♥~ Heidi ~♥~


Syl said...

Way to Go heidi! I know level 2 is hard, wait till you get to level 3, there may be some name calling :0)

Tamara said...

Oh God. This is what I have to look forward to on Friday. Me scared.

Susan said...

Oh no ! Now I am REALLY scred to go to Level 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I meant to say scared ! See I am so scared I can't spell scared !!!!

Tiffany said...

Wow - level two sounds HARD. I'm not doing the challenge but I have done level one several times in the past. Haven't attempted level 2 yet and now I don't know if I want to. :) You are doing GREAT though.

Missy said...

Why do trainers hate shoulders so much? I feel like the shoulders are always tortured.

Either way I'm nervous for Level 2 tomorrow but excited to give it a try!

Bare It All said...

OOOOOhhhhh, I'm nervous about Level 2!!!