Friday, September 11, 2009

Check-in .... Shred - Day 10

Well .... today is the day!  UGH!  10 days of the 30 Day Shred completed and it's check-in day.  A day I have been anticipating and dreading all at the same time.  The results ...... at the end. :)

10K Run

Last night was an evening with no planned activities so I decided to take advantage and get out for a long run.  I chose a route near my house and mapped it all out.  It was a nice run ... though VERY hilly.  My calves are absolutely KILLING me right now.  I didn't use a stopwatch to time it, just my cellphone ... but I know I finished in under 57 minutes.  So that's at least 2 minutes shaved off of my last race time, and I didn't push it super hard either.  I've VERY happy about that!

Shred Day 10 - Level 2

After my run, and making dinner for the family ... I settled in to do the shred.  Soooo didn't want to, and kind of did it on autopilot.  Still struggling with the v-sits (those are tough!) and those squats with the upper arm pull back thingie in the first set (OUCH!).  However, I'm not sick of it yet and I'm still speaking to Syl - haha.


My initial reaction was disappointment.  The scale registered a 0.4 loss, which didn't really surprise me as I see others have had little change on the scale.  But then I did the measurements and some I'm not happy with.  Though after thinking about it during my drive to work I let it register a bit and I'm feeling a bit more positive.  I'm actually kind of surprised how much I've lost off my arms.  But I really thought I could feel & see more of a change in my wasit & hips.

Unfortunately a picture didn't happen this morning.  One the first day I took my pic in the main bathroom and I want to do all of them the same for better comparison.  However, having 2 teens and myself and all our stuff in the same bathroom is proving to make alone time in there a little precious.  I could have squeezed in there just before we left, but I made such a stink to my daughter yesterday about leaving the house by a certain time that I didn't want to be a hypcrite and go past that.

I hope to get pics up either later today or tomorrow morning.

Here's the changes from Day 1, goal recap and new goals:

WEIGHT - Day 1...148.00....... Day 10....147.6 (down 0.4)


Chest - Day 1...38"........... Day 10...36.5"...... (down 1.5")
Waist - Day 1...33.75" ......Day 10...33.5"...... (down 0.25") (at bellybutton)
..........- Day 1...30.75"...... Day 10 ...30.25"... (down 0.5")   (at narrowest)
Hips   - Day 1...38"........... Day 10...38"......... (no change)
Thigh  - Day 1...22"........... Day 10...22" ........ (no change)   (at widest - left thigh)
Arm    - Day 1...12.25"..... Day 10...11.75".... (down 0.5")   (at widest - just under armpit)

Day 10 Change - Down 2.75"


Day 1 - 10 Recap
♥ Be 144 or less by Oct 1st - still aiming for this, I believe it will come
♥ Reduce measurements, specifically Chest & Waist - chest = good, waist = hoping for more
♥ Shred or Fitness class every day - missed Shred one day
♥ Run minimum 3-4 times/week - ran 4 times for total 210 minutes in 10 days, a little less than planned
♥ Track my food EVERY SINGLE DAY - DONE!

Day 11-20 Plan
♥ Be 144 or less by Oct 1st - Sep 21st goal 145.6
♥ Reduce measurements at bellybutton & thighs
♥ Shred every day
♥ Run 7 out of 10 days 
♥ Track my food EVERY SINGLE DAY


Missy said...

Good goals and way to stay on track with tracking food. I think that is a key thing I've been struggling with.

That is good progress too - 2.75 inches is great!

Missy said...

Oh and I just did a scan of all your pictures along the side and holy hot mama - you look great!!!

Syl said...

AWESOME Heidi!!!!!!! You are doing so great! I'm so excited for you, and the weight will come I am confident that everyone will be THRILLED at the end of this ;-)

Mother's Heart said...

Great goals! You're doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work!

Tamara said...

You're a machine! Very inspiring. That is an impressive pace for a hilly 10K.

I do feel it in my waist but my high hopes are for my thighs! I can't wait to do level 2 so I know what the heck exercises you are talking about.

V sits? Groan. What am I in for?

skinny me! said...

Great job Heidi! You're a strong, strong woman!